What defines a life? Will Hoffman's short film stitches together random, mundane moments from the lives of different people. But watching this film, you feel like they are moments from your own life! The move from one moment to the next is non-linear, non-sequential, joyous, terrible and unexpected, all at the same time -- and yet it evokes a feeling of deep connection and beauty. Here is an invitation to be nourished by what each moment of your life offers.


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  • sajitkumar

    Dear sir, I am a patient suffering from depression for 7 years and i getting treatment from permai 1malaysia hospital, I was working as Production executive in Premier vegitable oil and never shown any sick but the company found out of my sickness and terminated from job, Now i am jobless and also i suffered twise panick/depression attack, almost felt like going to die, but now i wish i should have died or not born in this cruel world, There is nobody to help a person suffering. Me as a minority indian there is no place can seek help go to labour office they fail a case, by the time the case is cleared i will be dead or i will be old. Seems like a person working in a public company the company is more important than the government or the Government imposed laws.As a citizen why do me and my family vote fora political party to form a government. Please look into the attached documents. When a company terminate because i am sick what can i do to live ? what will happen to my family ? Please advise yours sincerly Sajit

  • ariah

    That was moving

  • basel

    This is fantastic.

  • James

    Thank you.

  • Cindy

    Awesome video and reminder to simply BE in the moment.

  • karthik


  • Rg


  • david haskell

    there is a gentle simplicity about this video -- it calmed my sense of being and reminded me how precious every second of everyday truly is ....thank you

  • Darren

    Inspiring and thought-provoking.

  • Dhruba

    a joyful creation!!

  • mary

    thank you for sharing this.it reminds me to slow down and savor the flavor of each day.

  • Tim V.

    When I think about 'living for the moment,' this is it! It's so easy to go blindly through your day, week, month...life, and not be present. This little film personifies living in the present. Be aware of the world around you, and look for beauty...everywhere. I loved this. I echo Jafdish Dave's comment. Thanks for the 'gift of the moment.'

  • Jagdish P Dave

    It is amazing to relate to each moment and get connected with people of all ages in all different conexts. I leanred: Each moment lived fully without looking back or forward has its own magic. Thanks for the gift of the moment. Jagdish P Dave

  • greg

    WOW! Incredible piece! Someone said, "We don't remember Days, we remember Moments." Share this with everyone you care about.

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  • Be grateful for a moment.  Start mentally listing the moments you are grateful for ... and don't stop. :)

  • Will was inspired to make this film about the moments of life after hearing Radiolab's program on moments of death. Listen to this fascinating program of meditations on death.

  • The experiences of human life are largely universal. How can you channel your compassion to bring more joy to the moments of someone else's life?

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