On this U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, let Kathryn Mostow's gentle acoustic music and Marianne Hale's photography help you contemplate all that you have to be grateful for in this world. The words, the music and the nature scenes inspire love, hope, gratitude and generosity. Sit back and enjoy.


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  • manny

    the totality of hope that no matter how bad thins are or were; we cam still give graditude for what we DO have!!! dwell on the positive!

  • ghadon

    yeaaah! one family one world!!

  • William Ward

    What inspired you about this video?nothing I SAW NO black people

  • Marianne

    What inspired you about this video? Oh and, I love KarmaTube! Thank you for sharing this video!

  • Marianne Hale

    Thank you to KarmaTube for sharing my video. This video was originally put together over night, in the spur-of-the-moment, as a gift to the people who were part of 2007 Global Gathering sponsored by the Pachamama Alliance. It debuted at a talent show the next evening and was never meant to go viral. It was literally snapshot of the people in my life in that moment. The intention was always to support the message of gratitude for all of the amazing things that ALL people do. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website:www.mariannehaledesigns.com Blessings and gratitude, Marianne Hale

  • swati tripathi

    small things which we take it for granted, we should be grateful for them.

  • Liz

    The music . . the reminder that we are able to share the goodness of the universe with our fellow-human beings.... Too bad my skin color was also not represented . .

  • karmen

    <3 go vegan, save the world <3

  • elly x

    I hope your one world love pictures will also one day include people who look like me, us, them.....not just you

  • bilkis

    wonderful music, very good message, love, caring, sharing, kindness to your fellow beings, finding time for your loved ones, relaxing, caring for the environment and love for all mankind, no matter what their faith, colour or race, such messages will make a better world for all around us

  • Debalina Roy

    Surrender is the secret message in this invocation.We remember the Lord for he alone gives us the gift of living each day with a clear purpose.The pains that we carry within ourselves turns into a plegde to live our lives without seeking the fruits of labour.We surrender at His feet to be guided in our worship of Him.

  • Debalina Roy

    Gratitude is a little shy girl standing at the corner waiting to be received with love and compassion.God transforms everything by the alchemy of his amazing grace.We are the people living one consciousness. - Inspired by the Divine Mother,"Mirra Alfasa"

  • kviyer.

    Great message...I thank the god and the society for all that they gave us.....

  • Ed

    If you put a space in your life in the right place then Impossible becomes I'm possible

  • Jagdishbahi Dave

    The blending of music, voice ,words and diversified pictures touched my heart and lifted my spirit. Thanks you for sharing such a wonderful gift.

  • Sherri

    Hear the words that come out of your own mouth. Do you think about how they will hurt or benefit the person or people who hear them. Family does not mean you can hack away at others with your words. Love & Peace.

  • Brian

    Love is free and priceless. Thank you guys for sending these videos to us all... know that we love you too....take care out there....God is good....Peace. Brian

  • Berend

    Beautiful voice, beautiful pictures...

  • Carroll

    The creativity and simplicity. Beautiful.

  • Dave

    Live in the present moment & give thanks for what you have by putting a smile on someone's face everyday

  • Yamil

    I missed seeing a black human being represented. This is nice, but I think when you put out a universal message as this it's important to include all the colors of the human experience so that it can help right the thinking of the so many that believe that those of darker colors are less than.

  • Rachel

    I love this video and shared it on my FB page. Being grateful every day gives one a different perspective. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us.

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