Ten-time Grammy Award-winning artist Bobby McFerrin is a musician with sophisticated and eclectic talents. However, his biggest hit was this simple, catchy song he wrote in 1988, after seeing the inspiring words of an Indian mystic. "Whenever you see a poster of Meher Baba, it usually says 'Don't worry, be happy,' which is a pretty neat philosophy in four words, I think." Pretty neat and simple philosophy indeed.


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  • linda

    It's getting me thru a very tense day.....struggling to get OUT of a well-disguised time-share. Feel stupid to be tricked so easily, in Jamaica at that!

  • Shantanu kaushal

    Thanks for beautiful song

  • val

    It uplifts me and makes me want to sing out loud. Great.

  • Arlan

    WE don't have to worry (www.aunitedworld.net) and WE can be happy! Let's be the change WE want to see in the world! Together WE can make a difference!

  • Abdul

    Thank you beautiful song Thank you

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  • Music has powerful ways of connecting each of us in the most subtle ways. Watch Bobby McFerrin's ingenious demonstration of how we humans innately connect to music.
  • Read the lyrics to "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Sing it to yourself whenever you feel fears and anxiety taking over.
  • Think about small actions you can take to help alleviate someone else's problems. Celebrate solving the problem by sharing a moment of happiness with them!

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