Did you know that for a long period of time in recent history, education for women in Afghanistan was banned? Meet Sakena Yacoobi, who founded the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) in 1995 to restore educational and health programs. While constantly putting her life on the line and under constant threat by the Taliban, she serves more than 350,000 Afghan women and children each year. As the program expands, her mantra only gets stronger - 'the way to peace is through education'


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  • Ashleigh Ranft

    Great film and may their work long continue bringing light and education to others.

  • Marianna Cacciatore

    Remarkable film. The problems in Afganistan surrounding women and girls has long broken my heart. The film does a great job of balancing the loss and the strength of the human spirit. Thank you

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  • Learn more about the Institute Dr. Yacoobi leads.

  • Build bridges with the real Afghanistan - try to connect with actual individuals there and learn about their views.

  • Seek education - the most important skill in the modern world is empathy, practice practice practice :)

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