25 years ago, Amitabha Sadangi was so poor he couldn't afford 2 meals in one day. He worked hard to put himself through school despite his deep poverty, so that he could get a good job and become wealthy. Today, he is a businessman giving up wealth and fortune to tackle irrigation and poverty in India.

Amitabha Sadangi's vision is to empower even the poorest farmers to irrigate their land. He believes that giving rural farmers a chance to pull themselves out of poverty is the way towards sustainable and dignified development. All you need is a $1 and a dream...and a lot of hard work.


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  • Marianna

    beautiful story!

  • Dhara

    How cool and inspiring! Thank you Amitabha for being the change.

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  • Learn more about the amazing work of Amitabha's non-profit organization IDE India.

  • The rural poor literally live and die by water. How would we feel in that situation? Take active steps to conserve water in your life.

  • Support one person you know to help themselves through a problem. Sometimes it is harder to help someone solve their own problems than solving it for them -- but it's a much richer experience for everyone.

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