Ever wonder about your place in the universe? Designer, architect and filmmaker Charles Eames and his wife, Ray, depict this fact literally, and to fascinating effect. Introduced as "a film dealing with the relative size of things--and the effect of adding another zero," Powers of Ten shows what happens when a man enjoying a simple picnic in Chicago is seen from a distance of 100 million light years away, and back again. For the viewer, everything can't help but shift.


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    This video clip shows and teach us to recognise our self that what we are for the great GOD.Who can creat from galaxies to an attom -which u can't find the size of attom. But jealosy human being think he can do anything in this smallest world. What a presentation . . . great absolutely great and congaratulations C H NASAR DUBAI UAE

  • Dr. Sally Witt

    Excellent video. I am going to blog about it and share it! Dr. Sally Witt http://www.drsallywitt.com

  • Ravi Deva

    My daughter and I watched this movie together. It was an amazing as well as an awe-inspiring concept put on film, to be visually stimulating!

  • Dhara

    What a beautiful video. Puts things in perspective for me. Thanks for putting it together.

  • Nikhil Shah

    I enjoyed the video with family. In Vedas, it is said Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande. This means we are replica of the Universe. This film is an visual presentation of the declaration of the vedaas.

  • David

    Perspective is a wonderful thing, but at what ever indices you are at, make sure you have a positive effect.

  • paul

    thats amazing... and to think that God created all that with just the words of His mouth!! WOW!

  • Blue LouBlou

    Thats utterly fantastic! What an amazing vid, very impressed and stunned. Brought tears to my mince pies.

  • Stacey

    I wanted to add that this is a truly amazing film. One of my teachers showed it to our class when I was in elementary, and although that was long ago, I still remember it clearly. I did want to add that this was not only a film by Charles Eames but also his wife Ray, they collaborated on almost everything their entire married life.

  • saroj

    Very interesting. It is revealing to see that there is vast emptiness and vibrations at very large scale as well as at very small scale.

  • Jagmohan Singh

    A wonderful presentation indeed, viewing this video is like meditating. It makes you think as well as exhilarates you.It is an inward journey as well as an exploration.You feel communion with the self and the infinite. Your existence is meaningful and purposeful, at the same time it is inconsequential.My wife and I congratulate Charles Eanes for the remarkable attempt.

  • zaryali

    i would like to learn the A+ hardware i request for your site that send me the vedios of a+hardware practical works

  • Alicia

    Perspective genious. Makes everything we experience so insignificant, doesn't it? Moral of the story, live "lightly" in the moment. Each person we run into on our little light beam is but another unique particle in the universe to observe.

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