Located at the heart of San Francisco, California, a third of an acre was once the home of a church that was destroyed by fire in 1995. For close to 15 years the empty lot accumulated glass, plastic and syringes but today, in less than a year, it has been converted into an urban farm that has given away thousands of pounds of fresh local organic produce to the community. Moreover, the uniqueness of Free Farm lies in the intention to cultivate the spirit of volunteers and society by creating a microcosm of mutuality, simplicity, respect, generosity, and love.
"Doing things for free encourages people to share, it encourages people to be community, to be family. It provides people the chance to be generous with each other." --Tree, co-founder of the Free Farm.


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  • love

    This is how it should be in the world! Food should be free and exchanged for goods and love... no one should ever starve! We can change things with Free Farms! Love it!

  • Meera

    I have been in love with Gandhi and his principles for many many years. I have created 21 sculptures of people who were inspired by Gandhi, or are or have been working for nonviolent social change. Seewww.humanitariansculpture.com I have Placed my collection of sculptures at the Southern Oregon University Hannon Library where I speak to school children bused in about lived decidated to Nonviolent socail change. It is wonderful to find more on a daily basis. Delighted to hear that this work is going on. My donated works will be found in many places around the world, to inspire others to work for nonviolence, and read about the many many people dedicated to this process. You can't even imagine how delighted I am to discover your work. YOu have touched on the soul of it all. Service with love in your heart is the true meaning and joy of life. As you well know. Thank you for being an inspiration and a reminder of what Gandhi was the living example of.

  • Mthreya

    How hard Yahoo, Google and UTube etc jam it, so I can't see it! But we did see a part of it. People coming together for free is social growth; as compared to working for money which is self-centered. People helping each other for free is love growing outwards; as compared to the shrinking inwards of self centered ideology. It is the growth of love that heals, that is shown by this video and similar actions... as compared to the padlocks and batons of those who would much rather destroy society for profits. It is happening everywhere right now, and you too are a part of it!

  • francine

    The video doesn't seem to be working...I'd like to put it on my too at http://nakedtheology.net oh well...

  • Pancho

    a poem to honor our home... Between Zero and ONE I’m busy finding the infinite ways that I love you, and if you listen carefully to the Milky Way, you will hear, my angel, that she is busy loving you too. I want you, my dear, to conceive the largest number your mind is capable of imagining… How many cells have been nourished as units of life for humanity to exist? How many minutes in silence have the still-minds of all the planet’s satyagrahis spent to continue the kindness revolution? How many leaves have been kissed by the Sun? How many molecules of air have been dancing in the atmosphere? How many droplets of water have been flowing freely on the skin of the Earth? How many worlds and stars and galaxies had stood over you all night keeping watch? How many photons live inside the body of the Cosmos? How many shining eyes are there in all the children of Nature? If you listen carefully to the Milky Way, you will hear, my angel, that she is busy loving you too, with all her stars as ONE; she is busy loving you with each spark of life; she is busy loving you and loving me and loving every single being that has ever inhabited this world; she is busy loving us with a unified impermanent breath and with her intoxicating scent of oneness. Then the multiverse of universes counts without counting and resets my soul, because reducing ourselves to Zero is where we all converge to start again. This is how we are still busy finding the infinite ways that we love you, between Zero and ONE.

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  • Start you own little local free farm and get nourished with healthy, organic food.
  •  Turn unused land into a source of abundance with do-it-yourself ideas!
  • Spare a few hours every week to volunteer for a cause you believe in. You will soon appreciate the sound of service.

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