"I can change the world with my own two hands. Make a better place with my own two hands. Make a kinder place with my own two hands."

Musician Ben Harper reminds us of how powerful we can be. Watch and dance to his video to get you in the groove to make the world a better place with YOUR own two hands.


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  • IListenToo

    The joy and the message. I linked it to my new blog. Thanks!

  • gale

    great work-- lets spread it!

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  • Read the lyrics of this inspiring song. Sing this song out loud as you are changing the world with your own two hands! 

  • Take out 30 minutes today to roll up your sleeves and help your neighbor shovel snow, bring groceries for a sick friend, make sandwiches for the hungry, etc. Small acts create big change!

  • Consider the type of handprint you want to leave on the world. Watch the story of one humble man with moderate means who is willing to go the distance to help.

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