Birke Baehr wants adults to know that while they might be oblivious for a while, once they are in the know kids are interested and concerned about what is happening to the American food system. They want to learn more about where the food they are eating is coming from, what they can do to make the system better, and what their choices are. Watch an articulate and upbeat Birke tell it like it is.


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  • Charles

    Home education makes time to develop an enquiring mind. Brilliant! Next step save the animals!

  • Stephane

    Those who thought this young boy was scripted sell our youth short. This young boy in my view was brillant. He researched his information, and made his voice heard. Obviously others saw this and so he now has a bigger audience through utube. I hope he inspires others around the world. Wake up people we are killing ourselves for the sake of the almightly $$! I applauded this boy and his family for raising such a caring and intelligent young man.

  • Wilson01

    I wholeheartedly agree with TeoSvet. This is obviously scripted...there is no feeling to it, he is literally just reciting some speech someone threw at him. Dont get me wrong, the info is great and i agree with his cause, but its jst so fake. I would rather watch someone who genuinely cares and maybe knows what theyre talking about, not just looked it up on wikipedia. Good material, just fake

  • TeoSvet

    The kid is a performer, an adorable one, but listening to the speech I felt sorrow for our kids became as synthetic as we are. Birke is talking like someone recorded in his mind all the information and made him perform. It didn’t feel authentic, like it is really his distress. And why 11-year old is concerned with the food system? Is it because he was told to? And Birke definitely can think, but wrongly assumes that what adults do is thinking, and not blankly naming, what they call, facts. Let him feel, let him enjoy thinking, not compete with adults. The kid still has his chance to be sane. If we, adults, won’t spoil his perception in childhood he would never have any problem with the food, he will not eat a ‘shit’ as we do just because he doesn’t want to. And the problem would disappear on itself. We, adults, force our kids (not consciously registering it) to be as we are. We are ’fighting’ the system to nourish it; we are blaming the system that we have created ourselves, but not blaming ourselves- how insane is it? The video looks like adults entertaining themselves making the kid perform, talking on the topic only adults can find entertaining, this is why they created the problem in the first place- to entertain themselves:).

  • Patriciainsweden

    This kid has a brilliant future! He really made his point and I´ll be happy to hear more from him! Blessings from Sweden!

  • Michael Alexander

    Fantastic and Inspired! To see the value of being an Organic Farmer is to see Hope for the World. Thank You Birke <3

  • Cheryl

    As a toastmaster, I have been called upon to judge children's speech contests and Birke's talk was among the best I have heard. His content was well-researched and his gestures, vocal variety, visuals and use of humor made this speech both interesting and informative. Way to go, Birke!

  • doris lewis

    check it out

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  • As Birke says -- we can make a difference one kid at a time. Talk to the children in your family about how they view food.
  • Watch how Jamie Oliver is starting a revolution to teach every child about food.
  • Work together with your kids (or volunteer at a local school) to figure out how to make healthy, delicious food that they would be happy eating.

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