A unique example of what can happen when one cultivates a warm and giving heart. Here is a woman who uses her wish to brighten others' days and applies that to small acts of kindness. Amazing!


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  • Kaitlyn

    It made me think about small things I can do to make people feel better and have a better day.

  • Jillian

    It made me sad :(

  • Taylor

    Now I want to do that to other people are something like that I want to do it to her.

  • Taylor

    The women who put on the notes in peoples shoes inspired me because they made someones day. It made me kind of sad.

  • Jillian

    It made me want to help other people in need

  • amanda jade

    I love this video because it is just another great experience to share with the world. It is sort of like the Avengers changing the world.

  • TB Yap

    love it with my heart's smiles and tears.

  • Mary

    Love your sole....love your soul...you make the sol shine.

  • clau

    Buy some shoes for a kid that does not have any.

  • Admin

    Cheryl - the music is "A Secret Message to You" by Devics.

  • Renia Carsillo

    This is beautiful. Small things mean everything.

  • Liane

    This is everything I believe in and stand for - have never seen it done like this - I like your take on it xoxoxoxo Oh how lovely it is.... to spread a gift of kindness xoxoxoxo so refreshingly beautiful mwah xoxoxo

  • Kari

    Actions speak louder than words and the placing of the notes is a wonderful idea!!

  • seth

    inspired by the thought of doing such things for strangers but never forgeting our dearest ones....gonna write notes for my wife & boys tonite. thank you.

  • Divakar KN

    This is awesome :) :)

  • savita

    move on no matter what the circumtance are

  • Christine

    amazing... shoes and feet are so powerful...

  • Mahima

    how simple...yet so powerful.

  • Tina

    To act might be to live and love....

  • Deepak

    Making a difference in others lives . Beautiful , Thank you .

  • Roxanne

    As always, it is the little things in life that make the big differences! What a wonderful project. A friend shared with me and now I'm sharing with all of my friends. Let's see how many we can get to DO it and not just read about it:)

  • shakti

    Love this!! Love this!! The simplicity of it. The purehearted, childlike joy of it. More please. Let's do more. Inspired.

  • Patricia

    The music was lovely, the gesture full of open hearted love from a woman with a generous spirit. May GraFeeTi spread across the nation.

  • Robyn D'Angelo

    This brought me to tears of joy! I love this idea... random acts of kindness that plant seeds in the hearts and minds of ... well... the RANDOM. :)

  • Parvati

    The simple magic of it!

  • Amy Tuso

    I luv this! The idea and imagining the joy when those messages were found. I am walking a journey that does not have a pathway laid out in front of me...I am creating it as I go and through the and with the grace of God and the universe, my dream is to have others recognize the light and love that is in my creations. Wonderful video. Many Blessings to you and yours...Amy Tusowww.amytuso.com

  • Amarendra

    Good things can be started in life by doing small things rather than waiting for great things to happen.My salute to woman(hidden) in the video

  • Cheryl

    Beautiful...what is the music?

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