Artist Ben Wilson produces amazing pieces of art that are free and accessible to the public...using old chewing gum litter on the sidewalk as his canvas. The work is laborious, painstaking, and intricate. It is a true labor of love and a selfless gift to his community.

Ben hopes that neighbors noticing his work will develop a sense of belonging and responsibility to the community, which hopefully will reduce tendencies to litter. At the very least, it's a very unique way to brighten someone's day!

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it." -- Confucius


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  • ArunChikkop

    Just a moment back I thought I was Creative. This guy has made me work harder with my brains and heart. Great piece of work Brother. I salute You for your effort.

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  • Exercise your right to be creative and spontaneous in your immediate environment. Think of the most unusual way you can brighten someone's day...and do it today!

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