Seeds of Light is the humanitarian service arm of CoreLight, an international non-profit organization practicing "love-in-action." One Hat One Heart is a project that provides handmade, warm winter hats to orphans and vulnerable children in Mpumalanga, South Africa. These hats are the medium through which joy and open-heartedness are being expressed. This is a small example of what's possible through love.


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  • Julie Donah

    The joy in both giving and receiving... even when challenges may seem insurmoutable a small act of kindness (and that includes accepting a gift with joy) makes a difference.

  • Helen

    These beautiful little faces, their smiles of joy touched my heart deeply. Most inspiring to me is the heart of the woman who has so beautifully shared her own heart's love by doing this wonderful work and inspiring others to join her. I am so grateful to know this is happening.

  • Debbie

    I love seeing the smiles on these children who have received a hat!

  • Suketu Shah

    Seeds of light are doing outstanding work. Hats off.

  • Anne

    How touching and beautiful! Such a deeply personal gesture of love for these beautiful young lives.

  • Jennie

    The simplicity of the power of just loving. A gesture has so much more power than a prayer. It is so wonderful to see people DOING the love even if it seems a small thing. In my own life it is the quiet small signs that people understand or care that rallied me in my dark times to keep my heart open and hopeful. Does anyone know what the soundtrack is?

  • Lex

    Inspired? Yes. It's really the smalls steps, the one-on-one, where one heart touches another that true change happens. We can't control the big stuff, only influence it. Cruelty and wrong will always be in the world with the most powerful in control. One precious and powerful way an individual can make change and influence is to hand a child a hat to keep them warm in the winter. The child knows someone cares. The people making the hats and donations ARE making change. These children ARE being noticed and those who are destroying now see that the world is noticing. Hats to keep children warm in winter IS a first step, and maybe the most important, towards change and children are better for it. Thank you One Hat One Heart for generating a system to help make the world one step better for these children. You are making a positive change in the world.

  • deborah

    Inspired? Leading questions are a bit old skool, no? All the hats in the world will not change the policies, the systems that created and will continue to destroy land, people, animals, water etc. The extractive economy is the problem and there is not enough trickle down, eat cake money to bandage all the wounds it will create. Unless we globally decide to practice generative , whole systems thinking then we will all lose, sooner rather than later as ignorance is only bliss for a short period.

  • Yoo-Mi

    We are delighted that you are moved to share this video with friends who may find a way to express their love through the knitting of hats. Thank you for being the change by taking action to spread the inspiration.

  • cedona holly

    A teary eyed Thank You. This touched my heart. While I do not knit, I will email my friends to see if they would like to come on board. Thank you for posting this so they can see what they can become a part of. Love and Blessings....

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