For elderly and disabled residents of the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco, Herman Travis is a lifeline. It is nearly impossible for them to bring the food that they need to their homes, so every Tuesday Herman partners with the San Francisco Food Bank to bring 1,300 pounds of food directly to them.

Although Herman is unemployed as of late, he finds great purpose through his selfless acts of service. "It makes me feel good, seeing them smile when I knock on their door. It just makes me feel good," Herman says humbly. For his neighbors the feelings are even more intense - to them Herman is a "blessing" and they would be "completely lost without him".


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  • Read more about the inspiring story of Herman Travis. The best way to say thank you to Herman for his kind acts is to give the gift of goodwill yourself!

  • Herman partners with the SF Food Bank to make this all possible. Volunteer at a local food bank in your city.

  • Everyone has challenges - both those who give and who receive. How can you use your current challenge to fuel a greater commitment to service?

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