Once upon a time in a country far, far away lived a boy who was different from all the others. His name was Eftichis. Everything in his life was running quite smoothly, until one day an incident made him see life from a different perspective. And suddenly, a big secret was revealed.


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  • Jerry Armour

    So many of us miss the simple pleasures as well as those truly important things that give real meaning to our lives. This video prompts us to consider who in life is really sight-challenged. Some of us have perfect vision, yet aren't able to understand and appreciate the beauty and spiritual nature of life.

  • grant

    everything we are all so close

  • irini

    bravo sas ....me xypnisate apo to lythargo tis thlipsis mou.... sas eyxaristo poly

  • Laloofah

    This video is a lovely reminder. It's too easy to overlook the small blessings that touch us every day. Francesca, I'm almost certain that beautiful language is Greek.

  • Kelly

    This film was completely unexpected. From reading the description I had a completely different image in my head in comparison to what the film truly was about. I liked how the meaning of life is cherishing the small moments. It's always easy to take the small moments for granted until you are forced to appreciate them by some unfortunate event. This film depicted this concept quite nicely.

  • Mabel Torres

    Amazing Video. Thank you so much. Really inspiring!!

  • Mabel Torres

    Amazing Video. Thank you so much. Really inspiring!!

  • Francesca

    Very nice. What language are we hearing please?

  • qalel76

    A most inspiring message, that demonstates that we should always be grateful no matter who we are...

  • Ana

    I believe it's the second or 3rd time I'm watching this video, but I could watch, time and time again, it is a kind reminder to be grateful for the small things of life, and I am truly grateful for the small and big things of my life. Endless Blessings for the Karmatube team, and for everyone who watches this video.

  • Jagdish P Dave

    Simple, elegant, inspiring, silently saying a lot and smartly done,the end revealing a wonderful message. Professor Jagdish Dave

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  • Watch another lovely film which reflects on how our humanity is discovered moment by moment.

  • Take a few moments today to look for the beauty in your life and allow gratitude to flow through you. Write them down so you can see the abundance we are gifted with every day.

  • Express your gratitude and joy for life's simple gifts by sharing them with others. Do a small act of kindness for a random stranger.

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