Like many disasters, the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan brought in it's wake overwhelming tragedy...and breathtaking heroism.

A group of about 200 publicly anonymous men and women are exposing themselves to almost certain fatality every day; all to save their families, loved ones, and countrymen they have never met. They are ordinary citizens -- firemen, parents, engineers, etc -- who have volunteered to contain a crisis that could endanger millions. Fragile, human, and impossibly brave - we now call these faceless heroes, "The Fukushima 50".


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  • Yoo-Mi

    Leah - Thank you for your comment. The story about the General Electric (G.E.) executives resigning, and the sale of G.E. reactors to Fukushima have been carried by mainstream media outlets. As you know, KarmaTube has a different vision - to highlight inspirational videos and stories of "good." Despite the corruption, negligence, ineptitude, and concealment by corporate entities and possibly government officials, there is no doubt that "everyday" people are risking their lives for the benefit of their fellow citizens. We would love to highlight stories of citizen action against entities that are causing harm. Please let us know if you come across such videos. Yoo-Mi KarmaTube Volunteer

  • Leah Matsui

    Very disappointed that Karma Tube would select what is clearly a PR move by Tokyo Power, to keep the focus off the power company`s gross negligence in repair and maintenance of the Fukushima and Miyagi power plants . General Electric designers knew from the onset that these plants were not safe for areas of great seismic activity. After 4 GE execs quit in protest, General Electric went ahead and sold these lemons to Japan. And Tokyo Power falsified and concealed major mishaps, continually from 1980 up until the early 1990`s. One large accident in 1978, they were able to conceal until d 2007. `Fukushima Heroes` helps keep our eyes off the ball, and from where I sit, in Japan, with 6 nuclear reactors out of control, real heroes would bring Tokyo Power and General Electric to justice for crimes against humanity.

  • Solveig

    They're all very brave an selfless men, no doubt, but do we want an energy provider that's based on dying heroes?

  • Ana

    Great video, true heroes giving their lives so others can have live. Thanks.

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  • Learn more about the situation the Fukushima 50 are facing, and other stories of hope.

  • Research what you can do to help. You don't have to do it alone; take collective action with your friends or neighbors! 

  • Perform an anonoymous act of kindness today in tribute to one of these faceless heroes.

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