Suryia and Roscoe are the best of friends. What makes their story unusual is that Suryia is an orangutan and Roscoe is a Blue Tick hound that became friends instantly, when they crossed paths at a South Carolina preserve for endangered animals. Now they swim together, play together, share cookies, take each other out for walks...and generally bring a smile to the faces of all that see them together.


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  • chaska

    In what country can an elephant walk free thru the streets like this, it is wonderous? Is this Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia? This video has made my day! But what country is this?

  • Judy Treadaway

    I have a German Shorthaired Pointer, who is often confused with a blue tick hound. I LOVE CRITTERS, and this is such a great story. Unfortunately I am too old, but would have loved being able to help with the care of these two in my younger days. Is Roscoe still alive? Oddly enough, that was my husband's nickname. I lost him almost six years ago at the age of 73.

  • Rebecca

    Are they both still alive to this day??? This day meaning 10/7/13.

  • Kalli

    These two amazing animals are a joy to watch. It's truly a gift to see such a rare friendship flourish between two creatures who are worlds apart.

  • Alison

    Yet another proof that animals are not so dumb and that they too can 'get on'.


    Love this. I am Suryia <3 Where is my Roscoe? We would LOOOOOVE to visit this place. Where is it?

  • Christy

    Where is this? We want to visit.

  • Elle

    Oops, how did that happen? Sorry about the repeats. Anyway, WONDERFUL video! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Elle

    That just made my day! After reading about London, the poor dog that had to have his front legs cut off because of horrible abuse he suffered almost put me to tears...this

  • Jackie Florian

    See this on facebook and loving animals made me see the video. This is truely the sweetest thing ever....I love it!!!

  • ZXrobyn

    Brilliant, I really enjoyed watching the pair act sooo caring for one another - loved it! thanX for sharing :)

  • Lea Ottaway

    Animals are here to make our lives more relaxing. We should all live on farms and relye on the animals to live. This is a hard life but the rewards are full in Lasting Love.

  • chris

    YAy! My heart has been hurting lately, thanks so much for sharing this=) Aloha!

  • kolea dinneen

    This is amazing! how can anyone with a brain see this and still think animals are dumber than humans... don't have feelings and aren't super intelligent! I want to come play too! All my Aloha, Kolea:)

  • Yoo-Mi

    Tea - you are absolutely right. Even though the trading and sales of orangutans, an endangered species, is illegal, that does not stop thoughtless people from buying baby orangutans as pets. These pets are abandoned when they grow to be unmanageable, necessitating the need for wildlife sanctuaries like the one featured in this video. Many times, two adults are killed for the capture of one baby. This BBC article: highlights the threats to orangutans from the pet trade.

  • Tam

    This makes me smile!!!

  • patrick kearney

    could they possibly be past life friends or even more

  • siobhan

    Thank you Thank you for taking the time to make this video and send it to us. It shows to me what wonderful stuff happens when we ignore our differences and act from the heart!

  • Thieroche

    A wonderful and fun video. This looks very much like the relationship I am having with my dog friend Yoghio, including the rolling about.

  • Tea

    Cute - yes - but I think that more should be explained about the facility because people look at videos like this and then decide to get an orangutan for themselves and essentially sign its death warrant because they do not realize the full needs and demands that having wild animals entails... If you love animals please see the film - An Elephant in the Living Room...

  • Ren

    this is amazing

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