What is a time bank? It is a network of people helping each other by sharing their time and talents. The network matches needs and talents. Every hour of service you receive, you pay forward.


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  • neil stanton

    Getting rid of the monetary system

  • mike

    sounds great in theory, has drawbacks in practice. Works if you need transportation and don't mind trading babysitting hours. Also some baking cookies and home meals. Also people willing to rake leaves or plant a flower. But other trades are difficult and often impossible to find. Try to get an auto mechanic, electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter, house cleaner. Try to get your house power washed or repairs made. Forget about traditional medical services. (A lot of Homeopathic alternative treatment advisors are available. Many people donate a lot of work, accumulate a lot of hard earned hours and then discover there are no services which they can use... OR people providing services will only provide them to a circle of friends. You're out of luck OR the time banks will allow you to DONATE all your hours back to the organization to be given away to people who need a lift to the doctors or airport. Bottom line.... the time banks people promote this heavily... and tell you how wonderful it is. People who use time banks will tell you it ain't as great as the promoters make it sound... and a lot of people have stopped using it, but can't quit because of all the hours they've accumulated which they can't spend and don't want to lose. It ain't as good as they make it sound.... unless you like trading cookie recipes.

  • Lucky Penne

    Right in line with our CanDo! CO-OP philosophy of sharing time & talents with others. Submitted my application to start a Timebank ~ thanks for the inspiration. Sowing Seeds of Love & Appreciate for KarmaTube!! http://facebook.com/SowingSeedsofGratitude

  • Daniel

    Great video on Time Banking Have a look at our project and campaign of a advanced Time Bank and Social/Biz Network http://startsomegood.com/Venture/bancoh__timebank_social_business_network/Campaigns/Show/social_impact_through_advanced_time_banking

  • bilkis yusuf hussain

    wonderful way to solve problems, with recession it is very much needed,keeps people occupied and makes it worthwhile to be able to do something

  • Dilip Patel

    A great way to by-pass the clutches of the most artificially created commodity called MONEY! The 'time bankers' will be able to use their 'real' values without monetising the same. A great way forward!

  • Reach Care Bank

    Thanks for posting this! We're piloting a Care Bank, a type of Time Bank that focuses on health & wellness! http://reachvt.org

  • Nancy

    It reminds me of a babysitting co-op I belonged to when my children were young. Also of a bartering lifestyle that my sister who lives in Vermont has lived for more then 20 years, not a new idea but a good one that can be expanded!

  • Manisha

    It is a great idea. The barter system for good deeds on which you can bank on at the time of your need. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

  • Lovedy

    It is time we start looking at new ways to determine and reap value in life. This idea is what inspired the city of Black Rock City, known as Burning Man. It is the 3rd largest city in Nevada and erects for only one week. During this time, people forget about their wallets, cell phones, etc and share and give with the honor and trust that they will get a gift from someone back in return. Barter and trade is a viable, cyclical event that works!!

  • Thomas Zachariah

    Brilliant concept, and a sure mean for survival. Many cheers to the people who conceived and practicing this great philosophy! I am from India and I too want to take initiatives to impart this new living style in my country.Because I believe in manpower, as well.

  • Bill Rattigan

    This is the way forward for the human race. Set one up in you neighbourhood. Brilliant. Best Wishes. Bill...

  • Yoo-Mi

    Dear Brent, Canada does have a couple of time banks: http://www.timebanks.org/international.htm #CANADA In fact, a version of time banking, called LETS - Local Exchange Trading Systems - was developed in Canada. You can learn more about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_Exchange_Trading_Systems #LETS-like_systems_around_the_world

  • brent

    Absolutely Brilliant!!! LOVE IT!!! Canada needs time banking!!

  • Pratibha

    This is a wonderful thing! for so many reasons it is a win win. Maybe CharityFocus will host a local one.

  • RonVT

    A beautiful idea... and if it really takes hold, watch "our" US Gov't attempt to tax it. WHOA! It will say, "You can't do favors for others without paying us for the privilege." the value of the time spent will be designated as "imputed" income to the receiver and therefore taxable. Let's wake up and recognize Government is part of the problem, NOT part of the solution!

  • Shany

    It is a brilliant idea and it is a tool where every one gains and gives something. It is another way of saying, money is not everything, we can still survive, and help each other and be good human beings:)

  • Pauli

    Super idea...I have thought about this for a while myself, on a local level, but did not know how to get it going so I am thrilled to see this...this is the way it should be, people helping each other. Maybe we can get back to the softer side of "human nature" now. There is no such thing as "give 'til it "hurts"" - it never hurts if you are doing it from the heart (for the right reason).

  • Arlan Berglas

    The Pass It Forward Movement inspired mewww.aunitedworld.net

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