Ric Elias was in seat 1D on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009. What went through his mind as the engines went dead and he heard the pilot say: "Brace for impact?" In this short TED talk, Elias tells us about the three lessons he learned while his plane was going down - lessons that changed the way he lives his life. This Father's Day, reflect on Elias' powerful insights as a friend, husband, and father.


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  • rupert bovine

    Brevity, sincerity and completely applicable to all who hear this man.

  • Zinat Fazal

    Wow! Yes, everything can change in an instinct. God gives us another life to change our life around! Life is precious! Ric Elias, thank you for sharing this part of your life, your message will make a difference to many! God bless you! Amen!

  • swamiji

    To make this world a better place we have to drop our ego's and become humble there is no other way. And move into gratitude.

  • Sam

    We are born 2 learn 4rm different perspectives view

  • Judy

    So many times we are unable to return to get it right. A great heart warming experience that enhanced the lives of his family.

  • Lidia Georgy

    the simplicity of Ric's goal in life. We all need perspective once in a while and life knows how to deliver.

  • Jacqueline

    Ric's genuine emotion was palpable. I was on a 90 minute business call on Father's Day rather than celebrating the day with my husband, father of my two children. One of my friends lost her father unexpectedly due to complications from surgery yesterday ( Father's Day ). What Ric shared is a sobering reminder of what really matters most.

  • Himanshu Shah

    Life is always uncertain... Let us live it today... Change yourself the way life will take you it it always for better living....

  • d s ranga rao

    Worth emulating!

  • mervin pillay

    Awesome words, its so realistic, so thought provoking. I am sure most of us can identify with the 3 areas of his life that he has changed.

  • bryan plymale

    the truth and love in ric's eyes and words...

  • Prakash Talathi

    I felt it to share with my sons and others in general.

  • maria

    Bravo to that pilot that changed the lives of so many. Metal Eagle and Pilot became one that day.

  • maryianika

    Some people live through a thousand deaths and still do not change. As our thoughts continue to look at life as an eternity. This is only the first chapter.

  • louie forman

    I lived what he went thru, only I died and was sent back. everything is different now. this happened 20 yrs. ago I'm still searching for my calling.

  • Silvana

    Really touching and so true. This man found out what really matters. I think we shouldn't need terrifying moments to make us see these things. If we look deep inside our hearts, we should be able to find this truth as well... ♥

  • maryam

    send me the best nature mostands

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  • Learn more about Ric Elias and his rise to successful entrepreneurship, starting at age 10.
  • Ric Elias' only goal in life, since the plane crash, is wanting to be a great dad.  This poignant film brings the point home.
  • Life can change in an instant.  What three things matter most in your life?  Share them with your friends and family.

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