At three years old, he was handed off to an orphanage. At five years old, he was living on the streets. At twenty-two years old, he’s persevered and pursued his love for the arts, amazing the world with his heartfelt performance on Korea’s Got Talent. Meet Choi Sung-Bong, a person who embodies the idea to never give up.


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  • Carmi

    Sung-Bong's passion to live regardless of the odds that he had experienced as a young child. He must have a guardian angel on his side and God's spirit that helped him survive and tell his story. His life is a positive example for all of us to achieve. His is a miracle story that good champions over evil.

  • lindsay

    it just shows anything is possible if you just reach for the stars.

  • sandy

    He's an angel demonstrating that no matter what happens to you, the Light is going to shine through the darkness always...and he can sing it too!

  • rick

    What an inspring personal story from a modest but gifted young man. The world does wish him every succes and wants to share the beauty he bringsd into it with his voice & self-effacing charm. BRAVO!

  • Nancy

    The indomitable human spirit. This transcends all languages and cultures. Emotions invoked have no barriers. Inspiring.

  • Linda...

    I have a son who is a singer song writer... it is an amazing feeling when you can be apart of your child's life pointing him in the right direction...this young man alone had the courage to excel, be on this show I wish the very best for him he was amazing... brought tears to my eyes... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP THIS BEAUTIFUL HUMAN... I wish I could hug him as well.

  • loretta

    Perhaps, if Choi Sung-Bong's life had been more "normal," he wouldn't have discovered his "true voice!" I believe because of Choi's exposure to the harsh reality of life at such an early has made him more sensitive and compassionate, which comes through in his singing. God bless Choi Sung-Bong! Thank you!

  • Marley

    just epic.

  • Egypt

    He is All of us.. Black White Brown Yellow Red children fill with Hope...waiting for Chance... G_d has found Favor with his Son....!Thank you my Brother from-another Mother..

  • Carlita

    this made me cry a little bit. Thats wonderful :(

  • Cynthia

    His humble spirit. I was so moved by his story. He is my new hero. Choi Sung-Bong is my son. He is all of our sons. We know. Now what are you going to do?

  • Christine

    He didn't have a family to love him but his love of singing has made millions love him. May he know joy and abundance forever. He is an inspiration .

  • Lynne

    The wonder of the human soul!

  • Carolyn

    A powerful tribute to the grace and majesty God has placed in the human heart.

  • John

    This young man demonstrates the strength of the human spirit. In spite of many challenges he has had in his life he finally gotten a deserved brake. More power to him.

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    He's very special, he's Korea's Treasure.

  • Av

    Sometimes success is simply about doing what's right at a given moment.. No matter how much you want to simply rest..

  • Anj

    This video reminded me that we have the potential to do anything if we set our mind to it. Thank you Choi Sung-Bong for your inspiration :)

  • rowza

    what inspired me? it simply is a reminder that life is alive... and hope is abundant... that i should live my life in abundant hope too... it transcends psychology about the influence of environment in one's personality... this story supports frankl's logotherapy... environment isn't always an influential factor... meaning of life is... there is no meaning in life... life is the meaning... now i got a fellow traveller in my journey:)

  • Jen

    I have heard the phrase, "This touched my heart," many times over. Now I really know what that means...

  • Gulshan

    Highly inspiring. It gave me lot of strength to overcome certain eventualities of life.

  • Christine

    Inspirational! I was brought to tears by his voice and the greatness radiating from his soul.

  • Karen

    Amazing talent. I hope he finds success and happiness from now on. I cried when I watched the video.

  • Paula

    Amazing God given talent. He was very humble as well saying that he didn't sing well but loved to sing! I couldn't believe it when he first began to sing. I don't think there was a dry eye in the theater!

  • leila

    amazing talent and perseverance

  • Raymond Sia

    Wow , what a melodious voice of this undiscovered young talented lad posessed . Even though he had not undego musical lessons and coaching But through his own way and inspiration from a vocalist singing outside the night club he is inspirired and he practiced by himself , it is amazing with the determination for him to pursue his living by him self inspite of hardship he encountered . It is a motivation lesson to be learn by all people fromall walk of life . Well , it's a heart touching moment to see that even the judges are moved and in tears in their eyes by his voice as this simple , calm , unpolished young lad sings and i myself also shed my tears for this orphan and the way he brought himself up . so we should not look down on him as his first appearence was like Susan Boyle then which turn the world around , and following a lad from Taiwan whose appearence seems to be similar of the three talented person . Keep it up Choi Sung-Bong .

  • bruce baker

    Everything!! What a surprise when he starts to sing! Its a magnificent voice, although his comments seem to depreciate it. God bless him in coming days.

  • Mary

    This young man is living proof that there is a God a most loving God. I shant complain about a thing when I hear stories such as this one. God love and bless you my dear boy.

  • Michelle

    Living proof that God exists--even in the worst of circumstances--He exists and He loves and gives amazing gifts! We will hear a great deal more from this young man.

  • jerome

    All i can saty is this young man is amazing he brouth tred to my eye may GOD! give him all need in JEUSE NAME.

  • Helen

    I am so deeply touched by this young man--to have endured such a traumatic childhood and to have come to this place in his life. I believe there are many other young folks out there with the same resilience and they give me hope for the salvation of us and our beloved Planet. I am filled with awe.

  • Elaine

    Among the other comments about his strength and courage to persevere despite life's hardships.... I wish I would think about my words before I say them the way he does. That's a rare gift, and one that would improve a lot of inspiring efforts in the world. What a beautiful, powerful soul, and congratulations to the judge who offered to enable his talent regardless of the competition's outcome. Thank you Choi, you renew my strength time and time again.

  • grace

    its pretty inspiring thank you for sharing.

  • Irene Thomas

    Excellent This is really very inspiring. I looked at his eyes and all you see is someone who has not experienced love but he is someone that sings with such emotion and feeling. I wish I understood what he sang about. Even when he was hugged after the performance he didnt hug back. My heart goes out to him for all the pain and suffering that he had to experience from such an early age. He has incredible strength and will to have made it this far. All the best for the rest of your journey. Irene Thomas - Pretoria South Africa

  • Steve

    I hope that this contest brings him the happiness that he so richly deserves. I am sure that better times are ahead for him. He sings with a honest passion that you can't find in over-trained voices. I would love to hear him sing something in English. It looks like Korea has found a male Susan Boyle.

  • Maryellen

    Wow! Wow! Wow! His performance reminds me of a quote i once read "Music is what feelings sound like" When i heard him sing I felt love.

  • Louise

    Music is a portal to the other side, and you can feel his voice connect you to something much grander, to the Divine, giving us all hope. Thank you from

  • Margie

    Music is his first LOVE Tears are still rolling....

  • charlene

    I was so touched that I did really cry. The story of this kid only proves that God never abandons us so let us not lose hope, just keep on fighting. Cheers to you Choi Sung-Bong! Your are a true inspiration. Wish you only the best in this great endeavour of yours. Now you have the world rejoicing with you. This time you will not be abandoned anymore.

  • D. Kempenich

    All in life have gifts! no matter what he lived through never giving up trying to get to a good place and be great at what he liked. We are Blessed that he was not aborted like so manny.

  • Krsna

    The person is so talented and has absolutely no airs about him. One can feel the strength in him with all the sadness he has been through. It's truly touching.

  • Rebecca

    So many of us complain about our lives when we have so much in them - too much in fact, yet this guy show us in a VERY humble way to really appreciate what we have and more importantly who we are inside. Following our hearts and dreams is what makes the person we really are, regardless of how our outside life has shaped us. This had me sobbling like a baby and gave me one hell of a wake up call about my attitude towards my life. . .

  • joseph Song

    What a wonderful guy, he is. His couragious heart is much bigger than his musical talent. He was abandoned by someone in the past, but he found his beautiful life by himself. God is with you young man! There are thousands of people around the world cheering you. Please, keep going to the top of the world whatever you desire.. Good luck!

  • Marcia

    The perseverance of this man and his humility when he said he does not sing well but he enjoys singing. The reactions of the judges......the tears in the eyes of the audience and the amazing voice of the boy who overcame everything to find himself on this stage!

  • Ty Mays

    What a blessing and a rarity to view such a beautiful performance with subtitles, however none were needed when he sang...He pierced my heart with such thanksgiving and praise. I truly thought I witnessed and heard the voice of an Angel...May God bless and continue to keep him safe, and inspired to bless the world with an amazing gift of "voice."

  • Maryanne

    Choi Sung-Bong, I feel blessed to have seen this video. My heart weeps for all the unfairness that you've endured. My hope and prayer is that your voice enables you to fulfill your dreams. God Bless you always.

  • Sony Trieu

    The Human Spirit! I love your site and reading about all the wonderful stories about how wonderful our soul/spirit truly is. Choi Sung-Bong embodies such a soul/spirit that inspires us all to a humbled state of grace. Thank you young man!

  • Alvin

    Incredible!!!!! a lesson on how powerful is the human spirit. I was moved to tears. This video and story must be shared for all to see. Thank you Choi Sung-Bong.

  • Adrienne Lee

    I was deeply touched by his story of survival and his humility. His voice is rich, deep and amazing.

  • Tomaca

    With the amount of healing this planet and its people need, this young man's gift emerges as a healing force for all of us. I am grateful for the dream in his heart to sing. He inspires all of us.

  • Rosemary

    This video is so inspiring and to think we here in America complain over the smallest issues daily. This young man has such tenacity, ambition and the willingness to try. His drive and ambition should be a message to us all. This video is such a blessing and this young man is such an inspiration I wish him nothing but the best

  • nancy mathu

    this young man did not allow his difficulties and challenges to put him down. he rose above them to seize an opportunity presented by his naturally attractive voice, to make this amazing performance. he is incredibly inspiring and hope it challenges others who have means and talent but are not utilizing them to do so. go Sung-bong. Go to higher levels of achievement.

  • YNO

    OMG, just a powerful voice behind a strong human story. He's such an inspiration to the human race. God bless him and all the best..

  • PK

    Awesome!! THough i dont understand this language.. his song still brought a tear in my eye! God bless.... he is awesome

  • lizette

    oh my goodness, this is one video I've been waiting to watch after a long time! now, the whole world is going to cheer for him! Go Sung-bong, your tomorrow looks bright!

  • Laura Atkinson

    What inspired you about this video?Amazing !Just Amazing!!not only his voice but the odds this young man has over come God has Blessed him with a Voice for all his misfortunes!God Bless Him!

  • Kathleen

    Awesome! I got chills the minute he started to sing. What incredible spirit! I hope he will prosper and not be overwhelmed by instant success.

  • rafaela

    Just beautiful. This strengthens my belief in the human spirit..

  • Lady

    The dignity of this young man and forced human spirit of survival, only to give back to all of us who watched this, a moment of incredible possibilities we tend to turn away from through streams of tears for him. Your Angels were with you and so is my heart felt compassion for you. Your time of change has come. Much light and thank you

  • ccm800

    Such a sweet face to go through all of that. how the human spirit can triumph if one alloews it. I want to know how he makes out in the end. oxoxoxo little angel.

  • Nerry Gonzalez

    This is awesome. Wowwww, I am in silence.

  • Susan

    Choi Sung-Bong may God fulfill all your dreams & may He use you for His glory! May your light shine high in this dark world we live in! God Bless you!

  • Marianna

    I've watched it twice and i still can't stop crying. The resiliency of the human spirit is boundless. I hope this story goes viral. We all need to hear and see it. Thank you, Karma Tube! You gave me Sunday morning church in the comfort of my living room with my sweetheart & my dog and a cozy blanket.

  • Angus

    A Pray to all Parents, please done abandon your child everybody may not have the same talent...

  • trish

    Choi Sung-Bong shows us that no matter how difficult the life, it's possible to manifest our dreams. I'm inspired by his tenacity and his gentle spirit.

  • Barbara

    I heard God's voice through this young man.

  • brenda

    survival and finding his voice in song! beautiful, and shame on us for letting children fend for themselves anywhere!

  • Gary

    Passion and purpose beyond self!

  • Christy

    Never give up. Choi Sung-Bong fighting!!



  • Cat

    Shame on us, shame on the world that leaves children at 5 years of age to fend for themselves. What does that say about our humanity? I was moved to tears by this video. I am incredibly grateful that this young human being, given what he has endured and survived, has finally gotten a chance at what we all want. Happiness and fulfillment. Now what do we do about the millions of children who are not so fortunate? I have been inspired to do more, daily. Even if I do nothing more than face the truth and acknowledge the inhumanity and injustice that exists all around me, then at least that is a beginning. Awareness....Concientness

  • Gina

    Despite the hardness of the outside world, his true self came shining through! Never give up!

  • Sandy

    Amazing! Inspirational and uplifting. May you blessed always!

  • Gary

    Wow! What hardship and what talent. It is truly remoarkable what suffering we endure and yet the light within us is always there ready to shine through. Thank you for sharing this.

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