"Your horse is a mirror to your soul, and sometimes you may not like what you see" says Buck Brannaman, a cowboy who travels around the U.S. helping horses with people problems. The documentary film, Buck, follows Brannaman from an abused childhood to an incredibly successful relationship with horses. In the film, the animal-human relationship becomes a metaphor for facing the daily challenges of life.


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  • Francesca

    As a survivor of childhood, I too found a great connection to the two senior horses we adopted. It took 50 years, but I am finally living my dream and healing with horses.

  • Jnnifer

    What an extraordinary soul this man is!

  • Grace

    His unconditional love.

  • Sherrill A Quinn

    The sensitivity and the absolute unconditional love of our humaness and the animal..

  • bob g

    this is a movie most everyone should see - but more importantly they should go to one of Buck's clinics cause as he says in there it will make you a better human being in ways that don't relate to horses - i had been a rider all my life 60+ years and a school teacher and i thought a good hand with horses - i took a bunch of Ray Hunt's clinics (Buck's teacher) and it changed my whole life around and made me a far better and more effective teacher - you can't go wrong with one of Buck's clinics - and the whole movie will open your eyes - go see it -

  • D Green

    I actually saw the movie, not just this clip. It is awesome. Buck is an incredible human being. He understands the way horses think and he associates those horse behaviors with their human owners. He teaches horse owners how to be better human beings and how to relate to their horses. What Buck does in this documentary is astounding. He overcame a horrible, abusive father to become a man who loves the world, loves the planet, loves horses and has love and compassion for people.

  • Madaline

    What inspired you about this video? when one 'surrenders' to the unconditional love that an animal brings to you, there might be a change that 'this' human could take on the same unconditional love towards all life that Gaia 'gifts' us from the heart. Buck Brannaman...........i salute you............In Lak' ech

  • Sameera V. Thurmond

    People who are highly spiritually developed have many, varied gifts and they are aware that these gifts are to be used to make the world a better place...by any good means necessary. One such person is Mr. Brannaman who uses his gift to help both animals and humans. Like all others, I am deeply touched by his relationship to horses and any other animals. God bless Mr. Brannaman and all others who have come to learn and share their spiritual gifts.

  • Kapil Khangan

    I have heard exactly about this film in one of the Dhamma Talks by a Teacher.. It looks good with this visualization. It sounds better when she says it..

  • Diane Nilan

    Can he tame members of Congress?

  • bob gottlieb

    Buck is a wonderful teacher - he helped me at a Ray Hunt clinic many years ago when we were both students of Ray - tho he was much further along than i was - he is worth seeing tho it is funny to have a quote from pat parelli leading to this - the two men couldn't be more different in their cores -

  • Diane Herr

    What inspired you about this video? The connection . It is the most powerful thing to witness in this life .

  • Diane Herr

    My heart aches to meet this man and watch him work . He is everything I wish I could be,...and I have never had a horse to love. Since I was a small child..this was my dream, to relate to horses on this level, and if it heals a person's soul in the process...well, what more could we need ? Wouldn't it be great to gain Buck's wisdom, and share it with everyone.

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