"...so you're looking for answers but you're not entirely sure about the questions. But you know you have to become someone. A SOMEONE." That's how this short, whimsical film opens. With fabulous music by Stephane Wrembel and creative out-takes from book stores (including a cameo by the filmmaker's dog!), this is a journey about becoming someone, no one, and paying attention.


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  • Shirley Happel

    I still play it from time to time because it makes me feel encouraged & happy!

  • OjO

    It was interesting to see how Nic tries to point a look at the idea of becoming. By the words of those commenting some got something and some were uncomfortable, thus proving the premise in the film that no one but you is on your journey. For me it was a value to see a creative approach to looking at this becoming thing. Some of us are not some"one" anymore but are looking past the boundaries of owning a defined self as something real or lasting. Points of view, ideas that are co-opted as who we are seem as passing phases of the egos journey. In the end... does the bag of memories get placed into a zip drive and emailed to the eternal whatever? hehe ah yes... books have been written on these things, and fought over for many many years. If the music had not been pumped up, and slow ponderous chords were played it would have seemed presumptuous. Good choice with that twist... is it camouflage or the authors own opinion on these words? i liked it Nic.. thnx for creating and sharing....

  • Joan Breit

    I love the lightheartedness of the music and in the experience of life's journey the puzzle all comes together quite happily as to our ONENESS with ALL. I love the contented dog photo. I am a cat person and know the contentedness of all my felines.

  • Robert Hahn

    The inspired combination of humor, and serious subject matter, and, of course, well played Django-esque Swing, kept me both amused as well as upflifted about the simple, and yet constantly obscured theme of trusting one's own inner voice. Never out of date, and particularly critical these days,

  • lois

    The music and humor were outstanding! I totally enjoyed this:)

  • Dagen

    I was disappointed. I found it shallow. I personally don't believe in rules or directions. We create them for ourselves and then change them eventually. The goal is to relax with the process of discovering who we are, an endless......journey. Thanks for sharing!

  • M

    I'll have to agree with some of the previous comment that the video is just way too fast. I had to watch it twice and still missed a few things.

  • Hil

    These are the EXACTS SENTIMENTS I've been having!!!!! WOW! Thx!!!!

  • tan

    This video inspired me to work hard for the goals I want to achieve as I am the only person who can lead the way.

  • Shirley Happel

    What inspired you about this video? The TRUTH and fascinating manner in which you delivered the message. It is fantastic & I play it over and over. THANK YOU for this wonderful inspiration.

  • Erasto

    The message it carries is great---I am looking into myself to be the change I want to see.

  • Ale

    Too fast,and the music was annoying. Didn't like it.

  • Kim

    Its a great video to show you thats only you alone have to make the change not someone else. Thanks. KIM

  • Carol

    Ideas were wonderful. Makes you want to get to it!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Charming! Fun! Brilliant! Thanks, )))))

  • Savita

    Realy good music in this video but fast too. however give message in a very simpl way.Its your life and should be live as per your rules.

  • toofast

    nothing but frenetic music and fast images that said what we know

  • Oluropo Amos

    Its an inspired video with mission & Visions.

  • g m

    i now know

  • leelah

    "I know where I am going - and i know who's going with me -" I love this video in particular the last line - the way you are expressing what you are expressing gives me laughing butterflies in the stomack - a nd did you ever get there?

  • michele

    Validation that I am what I am seeking already and always have been. Cosmic joke:)

  • J L


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