As principal of Loreto School in Calcutta, Irish Catholic nun Sister Cyril has worked some real-world miracles. Her school serves 1,500 female students, of which 721 are so poor that they need food, medicine, and even money to meet the rent. By bringing children together like this, she is showing a way for middle class schools to integrate the poor living around them into their educational mainstream, to their mutual benefit. When Sister Cyril was awarded the Padmashri, India's highest civilian award, for having served over 450,000 street children, she was asked about her message to people. She immediately responded: "Give what you have received freely and the reward is hundred-fold."


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  • srishti

    Amazing,this model can be replicated all across India. It isn't money but time,effort and attitude of non-elitism.Please show more interview or updates on this project.

  • Kevin

    she is a living embodiment of my dear, dear, dear and ever so brave grandmother

  • Narayan sen

    Really very inspiring. She is truly doing the work for poor community.

  • Preeti

    Really very inspiring She is the one who has lived the Indianism and though a person of a foreign origin, she has embibed Indianism and known Gandhi and followed the call of true religion. Service to Man is service to God...

  • James McMahon

    With all of the chaos and lack of compassion innundating us today, it is thrilling to see and hear about a woman who goes forward with love and compassion takes action and not have people simply talk about charity as their contribution to inspire us. It is clear to me that Sister Cyril of Calcutta continuously talks with the Holy Spirit, and that energizes me to continue praying for strength and direction that would make God smile.

  • Rinita Roy.

    Sister Cyril's ability to instil in her students the desire to carry on the traditions of the school that has changed their lives.

  • Dawn

    Seeing people do God's work, like Sr. Cyril, inspire me. People like that are the lights that stand out in a world sometimes overrun by darkness. Doing what she can, where she can, with what she has is a perfect use of God's gifts and a wonderful example for us all.

  • Narayan sen

    Better Prayas.We need to educate for street children in Rajasthan(India)

  • Debra

    She is truly doing the work of GOD !

  • Rosita Garcia

    Very inspiring indeed... Making others happy. Taking good care of the needy and the disadvantaged children of God's Society here on earth sharing whatever talent or gift God has endowed. The joy of giving for the glory of God... " I assure you, as often as you did it for one of my least brothers, you do it unto me." Jesus in Matthew 25:40

  • dennis


  • dennis hanna

    every thing

  • dennis hanna

    I am always inspired by people who work to better the lives of our young people

  • Victoria

    I was inspired by Sister Cyril because she lives one day at a time and in each day does what she can to inspire others and encourages them to "pay it back", so the movement has a huge effect. It makes me realize what I can do each day in a small way to make things better.

  • Jenny

    What a wonderful woman, an inspiration to all. Give and you shall receive is very true!

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  • Learn more about Loreto Sealdah school and Sister Cyril's journey.
  • Sister Cyril takes a lot of inspiration from Barefoot College.  Check it out.
  • Consider the ways in which you have received from others, and then reach out to help someone in need today.

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