Prayer helps us to remember that the divine is already within us, that the means for speaking to the eternal exists right now, in each of our hearts. This video reminds us that the initial motivation for prayer is need; by expressing our need, we rest in a relationship with the divine that reminds us that we are never alone, and can never be. In prayer we express a personal need that binds us to all and to the eternal mystery of life.


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  • Anna

    Soooooo Beautiful. Touches the heart right away. Thank you for posting it.

  • maria

    A conversation with our Creator, not just for needs and wants. A Personal reminder that within us lives an entity that needs spiritual nourishment just as our body needs material food. Prayer is food for the soul. To know that we were created to worship and love our Creator. To attest to our powerlessness and to His Might. Virtues we try to live are but a reflection of that Light. To attest to our Poverty and to His Wealth and the capacity to be assisted with the Help in Peril in trials and tribulations. We are always in need but more than that, what greater joy than for the loved one to speak to the greatest giver of Love. As love was the reason for our creation. It doesn't always need words and syllables and sounds but definitely the sentiments. It can also be melodious like the song of a bird that needs to express that inner feeling or a chant. The music of the heart. It attests to our powerlessness and to his Might. Faith declares its need to express its innermost connectivity with the Higher Source. However you call that Source in whatever language or dialect. There is only ONE and we are all servants and handmaidens of this Mystery to the minds of man and yet so close to us. It is an internal and most important part of our inner Foundation as Humans with a spirit.

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  •   Are there any groups in your community who are active in helping others? Join or start a group in your area to work for social justice.
  •   Take pictures in your backyard. The divine and examples of oneness  are there waiting to be noticed.

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