"Making art in traumatized places is like making fire in the dark night of winter," says sculptor Lily Yeh. This brief interview gives a glimpse of the work of her organization, Barefoot Artists, to engage communities in inner-city America and around the world.


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  • Marilyn Schlitz

    In truth, many things inspire me about this video. As Lily sought to find authenticity in her own life, she is truly a lighter of light in dark places for all of us. She is deep and thoughtful, courageous and visionary. I had the honor of traveling with Lily in Taiwan this past June and felt transformed by her extraordinary heart. May her light spread far and wide! I am including a short interview I did with her for my upcoming book, Death Makes Life Possible. Her use of art to liberate the collective grief of a community offers hope for so many people.

  • ingrid kepler-may

    everything, now I am hopeful that one persona can make a difference. Thank you.

  • Rita Loyd

    Something so simple can be so powerful.

  • Sherri

    Great idea. Beautiful results. Deeply beneficial health renewal.

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  •  Learn more about the way in which Barefoot Artists empowers communities scarred by tragedy or left behind in the race for economic development.
  •  Art Therapy works on an individual level as well as for community building.  Discover how the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees uses it to help victims of torture.
  • Lend a hand to a community arts project in your neighborhood.

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