Sometimes all we need is a little prompting to transform the mundane into the exceptional. That's what the merry pranksters behind this video have provided, turning a simple intersection crosswalk into a dance party.


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  • olga

    life is good!

  • olga

    it is not hard to make life a little bit more fun!

  • kirsten

    I LOVE the guy in suit and tie especially!!

  • Peggy lunell

    Sweet relief from the political rhetoric! Enjoy!

  • Anne Paine

    What an awe - inspiring video! So great that so many people participated! Delicious soul food for the Mind, Body and Spirit.! (~.~)

  • Anna

    Did you see how many people danced, smiled, laughed? Delicious joy!

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  • Dancing creates infectious joy.  See how two Canadians spread happiness and gratitude around the world with a happy jig.
  • Flash mobs are a fun way to change the cityscape for a few brilliant moments. Join one.
  •  Go ahead: dance in the street today!

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