It started with a tiny cabbage seedling that Katie Stagliano, a third grader in South Carolina, took home and tended until it grew to an amazing 40 pounds! Katie donated that cabbage to a local soup kitchen. Now 11, Katie has several gardens and has donated 2 tons of fresh produce to organizations that serve people in need!


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  • jesse

    What inspired you about this video? It a insiring great joc

  • Vanessa

    Wow! You are amazing! That is the most sweetest thing to do!

  • Annie

    Fantastic job, Katie!!!! On the flip side, did anyone catch the sponsor of the garden at the Epcot Center? NESTLE!!!

  • K

    Great job Katie! Kids can and DO make a huge positive impact on the planet through efforts like Katie's. Continue inspiring others, you are SUPER!!! HUG, Kristin Katie eloquently reminds us that we can work Together to end Hunger, it's possible. Share.

  • Shirley Marsh

    Anything that supports love and caring in a sometimes scary world is inspiring! Hopefully our governments and corporate leaders will finally come to realise that the pursuit of money at the expense of people, animals and the environment diminishes us all. We've been doing this for decades, and have learned nothing from the financial crises it has created in the past. As Einstein said; the definition of insanity is keeping on doing the same thing and expecting different results. Do we just want more of the same misery, wars and destruction the unbridled pursuit of money brings?

  • DaVinci. A. Pharaoh

    What inspired you about this video? Katie's LOVE for humankind reveals her GENEROSITY and that gives us perspective. Contributing to the bigger goals bigger than ourselves or immediate families gives us energy, meaning and fulfillment - as our focus shifts from gathering funds to ENHANCING LIVES. Katie's generosity produces dividends. It helps us to see a broader horizon, with new opportunities and RELATIONSHIPS, a bigger world. Those who GIVE are generally better off inj terms of SPIRITUAL and EMOITIONAL WEALTH and NET WORTH too. Katie's generosity keeps her pride at bay. It keeps people down to earth and mindful of the privileges and responsibilities financial independence brings. Katie's generosity releases favour, the Biblical principle of "SOWING & REAPING", GIVING & RECEIVING. May Katie grow from strength to strength - god will always BLESS her ALWAYS and FOREVER.

  • Dirg

    This story is very inspiring how Katie 'followed through'. I admire her commitment and generosity. I would have loved to have seen a few insect bites on the leaves. Don't starve the insects! Feed the world. Good job!

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  •  Find out more about Katie's Krops.  If you are between ages 9 and 16, apply for a grant to start your own garden to help those in need.
  •  Growing your own food is a movement that is taking root everywhere - from converting lawns into gardens to the creation of a Food Day on October 24.
  •  Instead of buying all your vegetables, become self sufficient and grow some in your garden!

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