A film by Nathan Friend & Leanne Do.

Having come to the realization that international treaties, top-down, government programs, and even academic research isn't going to get us out of the environmental mess we are in, Professor Karen Litfin set out to study communities that are trying to live sustainably. She researched 14 ecovillages intensively from four perspectives: ecological, economic, social and spiritual sustainability. She concludes that these ecovillages, located in different continents and settings, have a lot of commonalities that serve as a model for how we can all live our lives where we are today.


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  • Kiara

    I resonate with the insights about humans evolving in 'village' settings. Many people I know, including me, have a deep inner craving for a sense of community that is focused on living in a harmonious and sustainable way. It's unclear how to get from here to there, so I'm interested in the next video installment. :)

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  • Find out more about Dr. Karen Litfin's work in global environmental politics and sustainable living.
  • Global Ecovillage Network offers inspiring examples of how people and communities can live healthy, cooperative and meaningful lives in the transition to a more sustainable future.
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