David and Hi-Jin Hodge wanted to inspire generosity on Valentine's Day. So they asked a diverse group of friends: what does generosity mean to you? And what have you learned from practicing acts of everyday kindness? People shared some beautiful responses that will inspire you to go out and be generous, not just on Valentine's Day but everyday!


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  • walter doege

    Universality and the very nature of generosity

  • David

    Simple and universal...

  • Bill

    This is perfect....I wish more of us....thought...

  • S.Giri Kumar

    It's really amazing. To give without expecting anything back is something great.

  • rawberto

    The very fact it is here for us to enjoy. Thank you.

  • Harry

    We are allways creating reality. Not always the reality we dream of. I understand I have to make an inner transformation and take action!

  • Brandi

    Walking towards generosity! I work with you and I tell them to walk away from so many things, but what am I encouraging them to walk towards?

  • Leela Streisand

    "Generosity Day - EVERY DAY!!" :)

  • Irrelevant

    generous act: a selfish act to preserve not the 'self' but 'SELF'

  • Sandy

    Generosity & Kindness & Love is who we are at our core... Much love to you for creating this video xxx

  • david price

    What does generosity mean to you? Can you serve?

  • Cathy

    The warmth and kindness that came across from all of these people in how simple it is to practice acts of kindness and generosity everyday and at the same time be rewarded with something that money cannot buy - being generous doesn't have to involve money as one can give so much from the heart which would benefit so many in so many ways - we need to spread more love throughout the world, something that so many hunger for and the reason why there are so many lonely people in this world. Thank you to you all for the inspiration - not to mention the goosebumps!!!

  • ram

    life is beautiful so enjoy and have fun .i liked this video

  • Annemiek

    All those different people and yet so egal and universal; we're all connected to eaxhother by love and generosity. Beautiful!

  • Denise

    It was awe inspiring watching this beautiful video and so many people giving their opinions on love with such simplicity and happiness - awesome. May your God continue to bless everyone to reach out to all. Blessings.

  • Wendy

    Seeing the people walking forward was a powerful visual for me. As I watched that act of forward movement, it reminded me that I can take steps forward, big or small, to foster a generosity of spirit within me at any moment I choose. Even, right now. Peace and blessings to you.

  • Ronalo

    This video was beautifully inspiring and is something that usually doesn't come up in conversation. There is still in our culture a stigma that emotional feelings expressed are a sign of weakness. I personally do not believe this untruth but it does take a certain group of people to be comfortable with sharing these very deep and timely feelings and ideas. Thank you for helping me to see that I am not alone!

  • Ana

    Thank you for this amazing video. I believe that we are at full speed in becoming pure Love and Light. Love, Light and Endless Blessings to all the beautiful souls of Earth.

  • Taryn

    I am very grateful to hear that there are still a lot of people on the planet that care for others that can be generous selflessly. I love. It inspires me to be better in life and towards others.

  • marai

    I am grateful to see/hear others committed to the path of generosity, and love. Well made beutiful video!

  • Tenneson Woolf

    Beautifully and tastefully done. Thank you!

  • JOAN


  • Noor A.F.

    very good. I am on the change

  • Brian

    Thanks. Like the brother said "Love is all the time"...the apple of God's eye.. ....and as Pat in the comments said, "everything and costs nothing". Thanks again guys...keep the great work goin' at Karma Tube..take care....peace...

  • josie

    Thank you for creating and sharing this beautiful gift ...presenting a forum for the voice of love to be felt and shared by all.

  • Gary

    Every day is a gift and an opportunity to celebrate the gift with others in this spirit of gratitude and generosity. Giving from the heart is priceless and costs only a little time to be part of the gift.

  • Deepak

    Thank you very much for sharing . Beautiful

  • Victoria

    Thanks for this beautiful gift! It helped me through the day today! Love to you all!

  • monica

    Love...love...love. I think about gratitude and generosity most days because it it the most fulfilling way to live ones life!

  • CA

    Lowest common denominator = Highest common denominator = no denominator at all

  • Will Rodriguez

    Hearing and seeing that my thoughts and believes are not seen by so many others it reinforces that many others share this view and I love it !

  • maria

    Good stuff, all different all the same, hearts are all the same color!

  • Marianna

    Beautiful!!! Happy Valentines Day Every Day...Love, Love, Love, Love, Love...

  • Tammie

    thank you for sharing this thoughtful, thought-provoking and action inspiring piece....positive energy abounds in this Universe if we are but open to giving it, receiving it, sharing it with each step we take...the power of You, the power of Me, the power of Us...the power of We

  • Anne

    I ab'soul'utely loved this video! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing _/|\_ Namaste <3

  • Rick

    Wonderful to put a face on hope!

  • Brbara

    The significance of compassionate relationships enriches my life as well as all those around me who have a deep, deep story.

  • Pat

    This emotion give everything and cost nothing

  • Ann

    Interested in others' definitions of this. Enjoyed it very much - it increased my optimism when I heard what they had to say. My first thought - being generous is to forgive and dismiss someone's mistakes with an open heart, and not giving myself credit for a good deed, but knowing that it is the natural, loving thing; not to see another's errors as anything but the learning experiences we all confront along the way. All of us need to be forgiven for mistakes. It is the natural loving gift.

  • Ana

    It inspire me to think that I have the responsibility to sensitize others to the importance of generosity, caring, being sensitive to others' needs and be available to them. I have the responsability to help people, who I work with or are my friends or my son, to acte face to face with generosity, every day.

  • James

    Be absurdly kind and generous every moment!!

  • spencer

    Their spontaneity and sincerity.

  • Fiona

    Thanks for giving these people the opportunity to share what is in their hearts with others.

  • Sandy

    This video reminds me to practice generosity with love every day...not just on holidays!

  • Anna

    You are all so beautiful and I love your message! I thank you from the depth of my heart for sharing your love with the world! <3

  • Meghna

    So so so so so beautiful :) So inspiring! THANK YOU! to all of you :)

  • Ram

    Beautiful!!! Loved it!!! Thank you all who made this video possible.

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