A film by Kunal Gopujkar. More at Mam Movies.

16 youth from a slum in India, 1 renowned dance academy, and 1 inspiring NGO from the Gandhi Ashram come together to bring a message of "Ekatva" - "Oneness." At a time when the world is more accustomed to messages of war than peace, this is, perhaps, the best antidote to our troubled times. It is a story that can open minds and hearts. These youth are touring India, the US, and the UK as ambassadors of Oneness.


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  • Maya Vidhyadharan

    It gives me hope that even when one thinks the situation is beyond repair, there is grace. To me this is God action, to uplift these children and give them the hope for a better future. It gives me a sense of joy and lightness on my shoulders that many are helping.

  • Ashfaque Qureshi

    unity inspires me

  • Jayana

    Inspirational. Thank you for sharing

  • Sameera

    That children can come together so much more easily than adults. All adults were children and, as such, were innocent in their world views. Something happens to adults and we lose our innocence. No matter how hard we have become, we enjoy innocence....even when expressed in animals. That is the spiritual part of us that remembers our youth and how we were one with our spirituality.

  • Katherine

    The joy, the hope, the overcoming and the willingness of the dance company and the NGO who were willing to share their time, knowledge and talent with children from "The Least Likely Place." Thank you

  • venkat pulla

    their innocence and the capabilties of the future- All that is required in this world is honest mentors. Dr Venkat Pulla

  • Jeffrey

    As always, simple, real and honesty.

  • Nina

    The joy of the children and the deep message within. The intent and hope.

  • Mark

    The sense of love, sharing, and cooperation. It will be worth driving 200 miles to see them in June!

  • Ron

    That children from another country and culture regardless of their standard of living can come together and through music still enjoy life singing and and have fun.

  • Jane

    Lovely message of how the lives of children can be transformed through the power of music and dance expression and pass the message of hope to all of us. Truly inspirational.

  • janis

    I wish this were a longer video. I would love to spend all day with thesde children, and Ghandi too. Thank you for starting my day.

  • sethi

    Thank you . Inspirational

  • Emily

    The faces of the children--their radiant smiles--the sparkle in their eyes--the genuine love expressed in everything they do and say throughout the performance--provide HOPE and a reminder for us all that ONENESS is the natural order of the Universe! Beautiful!

  • ArunCHhikkop

    Tough I couldnt see the 90 minute video, I still feel a lot of effort has gone into making this project come alive. Salute to you guys, and a special thanks to Kunal Gopujkar...)

  • kunal gopujkar

    Lovely experience to be a small part of project....Smiles :)

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  • Follow the stories and journeys of these children on the Ekatva blog
  • Learn about Manav Sadhna, the NGO that works with these and other children and families in the largest slum in Ahmedabad, India.
  • Do you live in the U.S. or the U.K.?  Attend an inspirational Ekatva show in a city near you starting May 2012.

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