A film by Tom Lahat.

You will never think one person can’t make a difference after seeing this. A simple message of love in the midst of potential war goes viral, and makes a difference. This is a moving, inspiring call to action, one in which anyone can emulate with very little courage but with a lot of love. This is truly people to people communication.


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  • Barbara

    The message is great, it just does nothing to those that count "the gonernements of all people". It never is the wish of the people to hurt each other, its the politics of countries that make war. War makes money and all politicians want that power. It is a dream to think people count. Religions are responsible for most wars over millenium and the sad thing is we have 1 God, he just has different names. People in the midddle east can not read their Koran, which was very different when it was written and depend on their religious leaders to tell them the word. There is the problem. The middle East and other countries need to let their people be educated and not keep them dependent. Peace is a beautiful word, I wish we the people could do something about it.

  • Rob Mason

    The power of love and the clear distinction and disconnect that exists between government and the people. Where the people lead - government must follow!

  • Howard

    In this case the Governments may not represent the people, but cretainly, the people represent the people. If the repective Governments were created to serve and protect the people, then have those Governments spread this message.

  • Lior

    I just want to say that many people inIsrael think and feel like Roni and I am grateful to him for opening this door to human love and peace. Lior

  • Christy

    I am Blessed to be wittness to the Beauty and Grace of one person Sharing Love and how the true voice of peaple of your countries and those of all of us will join in resounding the message of Love. This is truly the Heart of Humanity speaking, so unlike what we hear in the news. I pray that everyone who hears this man's message will add their comments of Love also. Thank You Sir for being true to YOUR HEART and for couragously sharing LOVE.

  • GORA

    The same can be said for Indians & Pakistanis, the Koreas and so many similiar situations. A very worthwhile message to spread, but if as the hero himself got it going by posting it on Facebook, why is he asking for donations at the end ?!@!

  • Karen

    @ Suzanne : I understood him to say "please, don't hate", not "please, donate".

  • Constantina

    The honesty. Finally we have a voice. Thank you!

  • Darlene

    Everything my heart hurt as i listend to this message of love an being kind too each outhero This is one message all people should hear. First of all my children thay have forgoten the words in the Bible honner thy Father an thy Mother.ANlove one an outher. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13. An we are your friends an we love all of you.

  • Cris V.

    If I am not mistaken, the Bible references also the kindness of the Persian/Iranian people allowing the Israelites to go back to their ancient cities. Let's cure our historical amnesia and build new memories. - - Cris

  • suzanne

    I was very moved by the video until the end...WHY money? Love and creating a bridge does not have to cost anything and in this instance it would be more profound and authentic if it remained that way...hearts do not require marketing campaigns...eye to eye...heart to heart...

  • Eveline Horelle Dailey

    We are the people of the planet, we must put our differences aside and ask in ways that will promote life rather than destroy it.

  • Murray

    His message is genuine with nothing to gain except peace and more love, more than adequate recompense for his efforts. This message MUST be heard around the world!

  • Sandra

    It is about people, one by one, making the decision to choose love instead of fear. Before the internet, these voices were drowned out by the drums of war and the political and economic machines, drowned out by those with power/money. Today, our voices are audible and visible, and our mutual caring is contagious. May all beings be peaceful and free from suffering.

  • elizabeth

    Brother, thank you. We are all children of the same Mystery! And I want to erase all the labels of all the countries, and say, as you have said, "I love you. You are my Brother and my Sister." Let us talk Peace together - right now.

  • Paul

    The no nonsense, down to earth and yet moving content.

  • Alexandra De Avalon

    The simple truth, all we need is love,expressed with kindness and sincerity. We are one planet one people, our origins are the same.

  • joy

    how much subliminal advertising was in that video!? :(

  • Brian Inns

    Nothing to add to that brother except how can we get our governments to accept this simple truth?

  • Herbert N. Posner

    I felt that the 'BLOG" was heartfelt and sincere and that it continues to be seen by people of all countries, and by all of the members of every religions. This bigotry and terror has to stop, now!

  • Gretchen

    This is so beautiful, I could cry. Thank you so very much for standing up and saying what is in your heart. Yes, we can make a difference, one person to one person. Perhaps, someday, our people power will change the message of the politicians, especially those running for office.

  • betty

    From a father to other fathers and families.

  • Sebastian P V

    Boarder-less and universal love can eradicate fear. That is whey we say love is divine.

  • Joy

    Sorrow, the message is simple "Love one another"

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    His lack of meanness, his message of love, he's sharing a positive note for everyone.

  • Adrienne

    Love makes the world go round....There's enough for everyone, and it never runs out! Thank you Roni for sharing your heart and truth, and inspiring folks to do the same!

  • Rev. Nagi

    Be love, see no differences, see only commonalities, be love, be love, be love

  • Jean Cuteaux

    Love and compassion is exactely what our human journey is about. Thank you for this wonderful demonstration of love. Love is boundless and should know no borders, no limits, it is capable of encompassing all living beings, and treating them as we would treat our own child. Every single being is important. May we all grow in loving more.

  • Clark Center

    In all these thousands of years, this is the experiment that has never been tried. People relating to people, leaving the governments out of it. It's about time. Whatever blessings that are mine to give are yours, my friends.

  • Lorri

    pay it forward...love...if I don't know you...how can I hate you ? I was brought up giving people the benefit of the doubt...which means I love you...spread that...

  • Ann Davis

    Ah, my brother! So hopeful that many others feel the same. Let's try love. We haven't tried it yet, because we are so full of fear. Can't work, the past says. Lets move into the future.

  • Jonathan


  • Brenda Malloy

    The love, the universal love, that is what inspired me about this message. Love is the only religion.

  • Allison

    It's time for real people to communicate directly with one another that we do not want war, we do not support killing as a mode of living, we do not believe national leaders are speaking for us if their intention is violence and further harm to our planet. It's inspiring to see real people speaking to each other so there can be no mistake. If there is war, it not between people, it is between bureaucrats and the corporations who fund them. Real people, leading real lives are each others' enemies.

  • Philippa

    I loved this video because the people of the world don't want to bomb each other, leaders do, because they have hate in their hearts & we don't. Governments should be about listening to the people!!!!

  • jerry bridge

    the world is changing and so are we. thank for this heartfelt message. Let's keep it going!

  • Linda

    I feel so thankful, its gonna be a new DAY!!!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I share stories of Hope, Love, Respect and Understanding. All over the world. True Story: last year in Sweden I was sharing stories of building bridges between cultures. One of the students was Iraqi. His family had to flee Iraq in 2003 because of the War my country started. Abbe told me that before meeting me, he hated all Americans. And I could understand why; he was only 11 when the war broke out, he was frightened. After our day of sharing stories of Humanity, of connecting One on One; he shared in front of the entire class that after meeting me he now understood that a Government was NOT its people, we, as people are Individuals who often, do NOT represent our governments. He said he understood my Heart. We hugged, it was one of the most powerful moments of my life. I HUG people all over the world through Free Hugs, people share the most intimate details of their lives. WE are all Human. <3. When we Know Each Other as Individuals and we begin to Understand each others stories there can be no hate. Thank you for this campaign it is powerful and beautiful and IMPORTANT. HUG and <3 from my heart to yours.

  • Regina

    The simplicity of the message. We need to hear and see this message everyday, over and over again.

  • Richard

    The internet can facilitate communication between average citizens to thwart war propaganda.

  • Melody Brynne

    A friend sent this to me. I am going to send this to my friends. I just sent it on Twitter. If we all keep sending and communicating this to others, we can be the change we want to see in this world! I love this! I choose to love all of you! Thanks for being here and wanting to make a difference!

  • Bob

    The power of one can become the power of many if we only believe. Without belief, the fear-mongers and war-mongers win! Believe, and love one another. Love will overcome all in the end.

  • Beaz

    Honesty and vulnerability take as much courage as military discipline, but look what better results -- the softening of hearts instead of hardening or stopping.

  • Chris Wheaton

    This reminds me of the power of one person that can change the world! It makes my heart sing with hope and love for my fellow man....We can do this...what a blessing for mankind...this is the message the political leaders need to embrace..What we do to each other we do to ourselves...let's keep the positive alive and teach our children by our example!

  • Dagen

    Love is certainly the answer, we all know this. But what we have forgotten is the power of bringing that love of humanity, of the Earth and for the future to the big circle where we create group mind, group heart. This, in my opinion, is the only power big enough to stand up to the confused and wounded actions of our sad and destructive leaders.

  • MaryPeacenik

    Corporate America and its ilk will bomb and slaughter wherever it wants, and there is nothing we can do about it. They own our Government.

  • Maria

    The message that we all are one, therefore we must love one another.

  • Margaret

    The people of the world are all related in some way,. We should treat each other with compassion and trust " Give peace a chance"

  • Ralph

    Yes Yes Yes YES! YES!! This is the real solution to 'terrorism'

  • Richard

    It's candor, simplicity, and honesty filled with genuine love!!!

  • Jane

    This is how world peace could really really happen. Thank you!!!

  • Un Trompetista

    Our world's state is no more about one nation, one man or one idea, its about people, people who know that hate is poison, war is hell and most if not all of the world's people only want to live in peace. IT IS ATTAINABLE! TO ALL armed forces; Drop your weapons of mass destruction and stretch out your hand to help another to get up and join this cause. The time is now.

  • karim

    spreading peace and love. and not mindlessly consuming the xenophobic hate and fear that mainstream media throws at us. From Amman, Jordan...We Love You too

  • Terri

    Feeling the growing momentum to spread peace and love in the face of fear and intolerance....that more people are refusing to accept the propaganda and lies we are being fed so that a select few can maintain power and control over all of us by keeping us fighting against each other. From Massachusetts, USA...WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!

  • jenny

    awesome- simply awesome love to you all!

  • mehrshad

    peace thank you ?i am Iranian ,peace to peace ,no war till the end of the world. thank you man.

  • richard

    what inspired me? The simple human sanity demonstrated here by this man.

  • Mia

    The simplicity and humanness of the message inspired me. The eye to eye contact, albeit via video but it is a wonderful way to connect when we cannot stand side by side in real time - we can stand side by side from across the waters. I can hate an idea or image of you, but if I really see you, how can I hate or fear you? Thank you, Ronny.

  • Frances

    What inspired you about this video? An individual speaking out and wanting to make a difference and connect to the opposing country and its citizens with just simple humanity and open heartedness and simplicity of human connection to one another inspite of the enormous entrenched system of government we all live under

  • Frances

    Love not Hate... People bypassing your own governments To speak to one another.... I congratulate and admire you Tom... I have shared you video peace and love to you Israel and Iran and your citizens... The world is a global village We are in this together...

  • Bluebell

    Ronny you are a STAR may your Light spreads around the world and the seeds that you are planting may blossom into the most beautiful flowers of Love, Light and Peace. Sorrow, what can I say? I am sorry that you are not able to see the big picture at the moment, I send you Love and Light and Endless Blessings, may you awake, if it is your wish to, and discover that there is a quite revolution happening that will change the world as we see it today. There are millions of Ronnies out there, and I am eternally grateful to each one of them. They are far more powerful than politics or religion. Remember that Love is stronger than fear.

  • Pancho

    You are what we need more of in this Planet, brother Ronny. The main problem humanity faces is not between the right and left, or between conservatives and liberals, or between capitalists and communists, but between people who believe that violence can be overcome with more violence and people who believe that violence can be overcome with love, courage, kindness and generosity. You are part of the later group. I applaud your courage and big heart. Keep going, it is contagious. 1) The best way to cope with anything that is out of harmony is: never fear it --that gives it power. 2) Bring good influences to bear upon it --make yourself a good example. 3) Never try to overcome it by adopting its false philosophy. The ends justify the means is the philosophy of all countries and corporations that use war as means. Always remember: Our means are our ends. In radical love, Pancho

  • Geoff

    I admire your courage to try to change the thinking in a challenging area. I wish you much success with this and hope you infect the world with your kindness!

  • Sorrow

    Kevin, your view on war is generated from a single perspective that in order for war to happen people must hate each other. What you don't understand is that war comes from political, social, religious, and economical differences that cannot be resolved through peaceful means. A message from the people to the people does not mean a lot when two stubborn governments refuse to back down from their political ideologies. Your 1960's hippie mentality that if the people of two nations can come to an understanding, that they do not harbor any hatred towards each other will prevent a war from occurring is both foolish and simple minded.

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