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Scott Macaulay remembers how, 25 years ago, he started an annual holiday dinner for strangers who had nowhere else to go. “I put an ad in the local paper and offered to cook Thanksgiving dinner for twelve people.” Last year, 84 people showed up. Scott's goal every year is to have no one show up. That would mean that everyone had somewhere else to go.


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  • Philana

    A man doing his thing. That is inspiring just in itself.

  • Thembinkosi

    Your royal spirit has many lessons to offer for the many impoverished leaders of today. Keep up your desire for a fulfilled society, it shall be given as the wise promise states.

  • Manpreet Singh

    Kudos! To do it independently. I would suggest to please get in touch with any Gurudwar (Sikh Temple) near by your area. I am sure they would be a good contributor to your effort and collectively you would be able to reach your goal soon. I pray the day would come when every one around the world would be able to get their three meals every day.

  • Julia

    God Bless you for your 25 years of perseverance and the people who shared your thankfulness. Thanks Scott for sharing.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing your heart and kindness through a meal! Hugs from my heart to yours!

  • Harpreet

    You are an amazing Man.... You are the Good Samaritan. The Lord is with you.

  • Will Huru

    Keeping a 25 year commitment to oneself; to share his Hearth and Heart to strangers in need, without and down on their luck, is humble and selfless. Scott Macaulay is truly Blessed.

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