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Leah Pearlman loves to dance, loves to draw comics, and loves living in San Francisco. Leah started drawing comics when she ran out of words but still had something to say. When she started drawing comics, the only thing she could draw were stick figures, and that had to be enough. Now, these stick figures are quite nuanced, but Leah could never have gotten here, if she hadn't started with what she could do; honored that; and taken the next step.


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  • Dad

    A stick dolly langauge

  • Ann

    What inspired me here? Nothing. This is stupid

  • Hoku

    She reconfirmed that the simple things in life that can change a person is usually right under our noses or in front of it! Yes, honor all that is in our presence! Mahalo!

  • Sherry

    Such beauty in simplicity!

  • jonathan

    how do you come up with all of these great ideas? im starting to make some of my own drawings.you are very inspirational

  • Paul

    Dharma you push against the social embrace of pessimism, judgment and the unacceptable. You are a part of what I hope to be. As for now I can watch and embrace my own appreciation for the good and beautiful in the world. To: yasmine (who commented about how your heart is full of anger.) A woman named Alice Herz Sommer~ a 108 years young and Holocaust survivor said: "Hatred eats the soul of the hater not the hated" I think similarly your anger is eating at you. You deserve to be happy. In my life I have seen the affects of abuse on good people and forgive me for saying so but if someone in your past has hurt you. Sexually, mentally, emotionally etc. And the acknowledgment and treatment of this abuse goes unresolved it can fester into a corrosive and destructive force that ruins peace in ones life. Namaste yasmine. In my heart I pray you find peace and happiness as you heal.

  • Ilyas

    Yeah Leah! So sweet to see you in your element, shining your light.

  • Ron

    Love This..Fear of Success..doubt,or sometimes even a little disBelief in yourself Can Mulitiply into something you are Not. I love what Leah,says and does here.Following her heart and her true Colors.. Love the Art, Love the Message,Creative Flow,and Possibilites.. Thank You Leah..

  • robert

    well....I have been "feeling" my way into my art for many years, just like Leah does, but I have not done so well at owning it until the last couple of years when I just gave up and opted to own my crazy paintings. It feels good to see this video...it is inspirational to see how beautiful truth can be, even if it does not fit the ideal picture of beautiful. What is REAL is what is good, even if its bad. That's the paradox. This is the beauty of the irrational numbers in mathematics. A doorway to the infinite that allows change, and love.

  • Frazer Kirkman

    What are an angel... her wisdom near the end of the film is adorable. what ever your art, your expression, just begin...

  • Connie

    Thank you! You're awesome! Not only are you inspiring people w/ your message in your comics, but also you're living your passion/art/talents/gifts/mission in life!!! That by itself is amazing inspiration!!!;~) You're sending Hope to the World!!~~~~~~~~~~>LOVE~~~~~~~~>HOPE~~~~~~~~~>JOY;~D

  • Leah

    Dear Friends! I am humbled by the love in your comments. Thank you for your kind words. And i can't possibly describe the happy dance i do when i remember (over and over) that it's just by doing what i love, i seem to be of service. I mean, "what!?" It's just the coolest thing ever. Also: Rishio, the friend who made this video. He too, is following his heart by making videos about passionate people. He too, started by watering a seed of his heart's interest. And i consider it such a great service to those whose stories he tells and those who get to be inspired by them. (http://blog.rishio.com)

  • aggie

    thanks for inspiring me to remember that what I am is enough, that now is full.

  • rory

    omg, what a joy and a light and an inspiration! thank you, leah, for being you so beautifully.

  • Roberta

    I love the simplicity and clarity of her ideas.

  • Rev Nagi

    She is brilliant! And so open!

  • Steve Aeilts

    the simplicity- the honest statements the love... it's ALWAYS love thank you "Leah Pearlman" love&peace, steve a.

  • yasmine

    she was great,but i am full of anger,nothing to do with this video its i am angry,yet i know its bad.i know thousands of ways to stop my anger but i just can not its in my heart,as long as i am alive i will be angry.

  • Martha

    Thanks for making my heart smile today!

  • Susan

    I love her inspiration and encouragement. And we have the same socks!

  • tc wang

    Leah is beautiful because she cheers up other people and all the positive energy shots right back to her. Thank you, Leah. You light us all up at Wednesday's meditation gathering.

  • Thalia

    Very nice and good positive feeling, AND I think this video is making a lot out of what is really not very much. Nice though.

  • Brian

    Much love...yup! Imperfect...I'M PERFECT....special, just for who we are... that's grrrrrrrrrrrreat! :-)

  • Semora McCampbell

    I love Leah and her caroons because she comes from the very "pure", loving spontaneous place of her "Creative Child." From that place comes all these beautiful insights about love and living. Her creativity will be limitless as she continues to stay in that space.

  • Stacia

    Leah is a beautiful person. She reminds me of my 7 year old daughter who also loves to get her ideas and concepts on paper and can enjoy being inside her own mind so much. What a precious gift to enjoy your own company so much!

  • anne

    life can be simple if we let it....and Dharma Comics show us the way... how to be open to messages there are around us and how living in the moment is the only way!

  • Miko Green

    absolutely fantastic... observe and have eyes to see something different.. yet you are looking at what is already there.. how you perceive.. and how idea of one.. gives different perspective.. I agree with Rick Garcia.. capture the moment!

  • Rick Garcia

    Just absolutely inspiring!! Simple...powerful....beautiful.

  • Christina

    I love the idea of honoring where you are. This idea should be embraced in every facet of your life. I can think of a million situations where it is applicable and relevant. Thank you for being who you are and sharing with me.

  • Caela

    I loved you sharing your process of idea sparks and bringing them to life. no matter what...no matter where. I love your comics! Simple and deep and capturing. Where can I get them?

  • Seema

    i have tears in my eyes, leah. seriously, this is some of the most beautiful work i've seen. you capture IT. it, it, it. whatever it is. thank you for sharing your art with the world. and your passion, it screams (peacefully) through the screen, i swear. really want to connect you to manav sadhna in india (www.manavsadhna.org), and to ekatva --www.ekatva.org -- a tour of love, peace, non-violence, happiness & kindness. things which it seems like you embody. "see it and honor it." love!

  • Bela

    Thank you! I feel ok to let the small flower inside me bloom, even though it's tiny and the petals might fall off at times... New petals will grow in their place...:)

  • maureen

    To honor what I am capable of doing right now. It is good enough. :-)

  • sheetal

    "You dance the way you dance!" (or something to that effect that Leah says in the video).. We wait for so long to be perfect before sharing our gifts.. however I now realise that we actually become perfect in the very act of sharing our gifts.. a very very inspiring video.. thanks to all involved for sharing "yourself"!! love n hugs from india!

  • Sachin saini

    How nice it is

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  • Leah is a sweet incarnation in a lineage of editorial cartoonists - artists who convey ideas and feelings with humor and good-nature. One of those bright lights was Al Ross,
  • Leah started Dharma Comics in her quest to reflect on moments of deep personal truths. Reflect on your own personal truths. What do you know for sure?

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