Teenagers in the U.S. send an average of 3,339 text messages per month. What happened when Nancy Lublin, the CEO and Chief Old Person at DoSomething.org, started texting 200,000 teens across America? They texted back -- about their own problems, from bullying to depression to abuse. In this passionate TED talk, Nancy describes how this birthed a crisis text hotline which has helped thousands of teens quickly and safety get the help that they need.


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  • Karla de la torre

    I would love to help of this organisations or make one myself I think is really interesting and helpful for us as parents and as a free service getting to the teenagers in their own way

  • Tina Aggarwal

    We provide a similar service to youth all over the world through an o line chat roomwww.onyourmind.net Teens can login and chat with other teen counselors for free in a confidential manner. It is amazing to see the kind of deep and disturbing issues the teens are able to talk about and get help for.

  • Bob Moore

    I'm a geezer and not texter, but having run a non profit family homeless shelter, I've seen the power of social media to raise awareness and raise funds. I've seen how important texting and cell phones in general are to homeless teens, keeping them in their networks. This raises the importance to a new level. Congrats and thanks, DoSomething.org!

  • khushroo

    We use texting to save lives in indiawww.indianblooddonors.com

  • sethi

    Thank you for sharing . awesome .

  • Marci

    Wow! Kids need a neutral, safe place, this is so needed thank you for being there!

  • Aubri

    What is the number for this? Does it still exist? This would be a great idea to put in a school system

  • Nova

    " Very Inspiring Video.Another Good Samaritan.Thank you. "

  • Cornell Wilson

    This is to the people in charge. My name is Cornell Wilson and I have something for you to see. PLEASE....go towww.p911safety.com...click on how it works...watch the video. This is the newest technology available for child safety online. It is a deterrent for sexting, bullying and child predators. Please contact me with your feedback and any questions. If someone wants to subscribe...they must use the code 3751. Thanks in advance.....317-709-2726

  • mary

    The reality of these situations. Ive worked in the UK police force in the 60's and a spent two years as a telephone counsellor in australia. Im sad this lack of support for young people is still ongoing and on the increase.

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  • Visit DoSomething.org to see how they are harnessing the extraordinary energy of teens to focus on issues that teens care about. 
  • Learn how teens are helping fellow teens by using text messaging, online discussion boards, and phone calls: TeenLine.
  • Text message, call, visit, or reach out to someone in your life who simply needs to be heard. 

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