Becky is a normal girl that likes going to the cinema, playing with her toys, and looking at the moon. The only thing Becky doesn’t like is the stares of pity from people. Becky uses a wheelchair, and feels that people only see her disability and not her. When we see wheelchairs and crutches, why do we automatically see the person as being “unable”? Why do we concentrate on what the individual cannot do as opposed to what he or she can do? Sometimes the disability is the inability to see the person. Presented as an animation, this featurette asks the viewer one simple request: just include.


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  • See the people who didn't let their disability hold them back.
  • Read how the Dayle McIntosh Disability Resource Centers spreads awareness about persons with disabilities, include the language we use to describe them.
  • Help kindly educate others about not using resources especially allotted to persons with disabilities, such as parking in a handicapped space, or giving up a seat on public transportation.

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