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Nature is a force of good. And good is not only a concept, it is a spirit. So says mycologist Paul Stamets. Along with mushrooms, all life has a language and an intelligence that we ignore at our peril. This film excerpt explores the crucial need to understand the interaction and communications of all of life's organisms and processes that may be the key to our survival.


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  • Daniel S Lennox

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  • Bruce

    Free Mushroom E-book and video on hunting and cooking mushrooms with Paul Stamets. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0KSx_n5Yis Ebook by Fantastic Fungi http://fantasticfungi.com/PDF/50-Fungi-Facts.pdf

  • violet martin

    I want to hear the wisdom and inspiration of Paul Stamets every single day!

  • Sue

    Every word that was spoken by Paul and every beautiful image that I saw

  • Jennifer

    This is a beautiful reminder to look at, listen to and experience nature every day. "Our task is to understand the language of nature." Go towww.biomimicry.net to find out how.....

  • Walt Hays

    The incredible beauty of both the photos and the message. Moving and inspirational.

  • Kole

    I am all for conserving nature and the enviroment.

  • Lynn

    Indeed we are the keepers & the forests are mighty. Living in Timmins Ontario allows me, as an herbalist to walk out into the forests daily to learn from nature & pray we can keep the vital species alive, from harm, extinction & safe for many centuries. We are given such a lovely gifts as medicine which must be respected. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sombat

    Thank you Pratik (my friend) for explaining

  • Raj

    Very pertinent and beautifully put.. Thanks Paul..

  • Lisa Laichtman

    I teach elementary school science. I was delighted to receive this video link! Today, I shared the video with 35 fourth and fifth graders. Thank you all for the work you do.. Your voice in support of nature is essential for the survival of all of us. Gratefully, lisa

  • iris

    I am all for conserving nature and the enviroment. I think this should be shown in all schools around the WORLD. I don't know how but the ball is in your side, now. Thanks Namaste

  • Lynette Singleton

    The enforcement that we must give respect to every living organism.

  • Raylene

    This is so amazing and beautiful. I am a painter and I have just started a green series. One of the painting I did a few weeks ago was a painting of healing mushrooms. I firmly believe in the healing power of the fungi family. Mushrooms are a part of my diet three to four days a week. This series of painting when sold I will give 20% of the profits to plant trees. This is my current project. Your work and video is very touching. Keep on trucking.

  • LawrenceLSpencer1949@gmail.com

    The beauty of nature!!!

  • PG

    Paul Stamets has it 100% correct. There are communications happening between all of life, and we tune out 99.9% of it. There are ways to tune back in, it requires really listening - first to what's happening inside of us, and then to the communication between what's outside and inside. Watching this made me want to become a mycologist myself!

  • Jami2d

    You are my inspiration. Today I start a new journey. Thank you.

  • Ricky

    Oh my! Tears. Paul is from my area in the Northwest. I have read his book about fungi, but this goes beyond that. So much of what he said to describe our inadequacies about understanding the language of nature can be applied to why we as a species fight each other as well...we lack the understanding we need to respond to the language of others and to connect with the intelligence within others who may seem different from ourselves. We do so at our peril as well.

  • soulstar

    You are so beautiful in bringing the true love of Nature into our viewing. Thank you you so muck! You committed Spirit that created the video truly had made my day, now I go with a smile ....

  • earthdancedaph

    I try, that is why I am here

  • karina

    @Laura - same here.

  • Laura

    I wish I could comment on the video but I was denied permission to watch it by Vimeo

  • Kristin

    True beauty that only comes from the devine to all of life.

  • Pratik

    To Sombat My friend, U need to understand that Nature is in it self a WORLD.

  • vaishali

    Just fantastic video. Very very thanx for such beautiful efforts!!very inspirational!!

  • Eva Morales

    If we all were sensitive (opening our senses) and shared with everyone, we would all live in awe! Thank you Louie, your videos keep me in awe. They always bring tears of you to my eyes. If I start my day with your video, my day can be magic!

  • Sombat

    Nature is the most powerful in the world.

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  • Visit Paul Stamets' YouTube channel for more videos on fungi. Watch more amazing video clips by director and cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg. 
  • Learn about biomimicry, our attempt to learn from intelligent natural design.
  • In what ways do you listen to the other languages all around you? Do you hear them? Take a day and walk around your own yard or neighborhood, and try to pay attention to all the life that is speaking to you—or maybe speaking about you!

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