A film by Blaze Nowara.

When you hear the word "violence" what comes to your mind? Murder, fighting, war, injustice, prejudice, suffering...? How do you break down the barriers to communication and self awareness? To see yourself in the "other"? "When you treat people with respect, then trust evolves. And once trust evolves, barriers fall. If I let go of my identity, I'm left with my humanity." This video highlights the work of Alternatives to Violence Project in the U.S. prison system, whose programs reduce recidivism by over 40%. However, their programs are used to create peaceful solutions to potentially violent conflict in schools, corporate settings and communities in over 50 countries around the world.


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  • Hopeful Hannah

    I am the coordinator for AVP Attica, and I see EVERY WORKSHOP how effective AVP is for building community and transforming power. AVP is an incredible program and I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon it!

  • Joe

    inspired by the courage of these men, 'imagine how much peace can be spread in this world'. thank you for this film.

  • Available Abby

    The games at an AVP workshop -- the Light 'n' Lively -- work magic when you least expect it. I was amazed at what was revealed in the game of Baby I Love You But I Just Can't Smile. I was surprised at who had the stoicism to remain unsmiling while the rest of the room surrendered to helpless laughter. I was delighted at the silliness demonstrated by folks whose identity seemed very solemn and stiff. What wonders are possible when folks can trust each other!

  • Ethel

    This is a wonderfully inspiring video to help us know that positive change is occurring and that peace is nowt only possible but is unfolding, now.

  • Contagious CC

    I love seeing the beauty and power of an AVP workshop where other people can see it. It is sometimes so hard to get across to those who haven't done AVP in a prison what a powerful and uplifting experience it is. This gives a little taste. Thank you thank you!

  • Now Noelle

    Beautifully done... expresses the body and soul of AVP! (...and some funny bone!) If you're intrigued... tempted... PLEASE go for it! You'll be so glad you did!

  • Neverlate Nancy

    I, too, am an AVP facilitator at FCC Coleman and am gratified to see the spirit of the AVP experience so artfully communicated. It is my hope that others will be moved to lend support to this program that works.

  • Energetic Edie

    What an awesome look inside the prison, and inside the AVP experience. I facilitate AVP with women in FCC Coleman, Florida. This is a wonderful tool for building our Facilitator Community. We are looking for funds to do this in the coming year. We want to be able to continue our good work transforming power. Thanks for making this video.

  • mr. d.k.oza

    It is heart warming, purposeful, and PRACTICAL.

  • mg more

    The whole world is leading towards mental Holocaust. The one and the only way can lead to peace, harmony and prosperity is nothing but "BUDDHAM SARANAM GACCHAMI, DHAMMAM SARANAM GACCHAMI, SANGHAM SARANAM GACCHAMI" and the only thought " BHAVATU SABBA MANGALAM!

  • Suz A

    The revelation of our oneness and joy in this video brought grateful tears to my eyes, and so much hope into my heart. ALL of our communities would benefit from the AVP activities, I am sure. This was the first karmatube video I've gotten and my heart and soul are eager for more! I bow with intense gratitude. SuzA

  • Rainbow Rere

    AVP continues to be a power-filled influence in my living. I feel the joy of participant expression in the video just as I have in many workshops and it reminds me of its immense value. Thank you, I love you! Rainbow Rere

  • Tonk Morgan

    The rawness of their happy hearts, to discover the thrill and joy that comes after the walls of hardened life fall down, the pure kindness of love that comes, restores faith in human kindness, and yes anyone can do this. Love you.

  • adolphus

    I pray it help by getting the word out there, united make a different, by just coming together trusting each other will make a different. I really like the effort of the movie, it can work if we put it in our heart. Thank you.

  • Ramola

    Deep insight some different method to conduct workshop and at the same tiime new learning ways , to look in to deeply ,

  • A.Brown

    Enabling and facilitating empathy is what this is about. Touching each others vulnerability.Interconnection=love. Spread this to schools before the crimes occur.

  • BG

    I loved the optimism and inspiration. It was powerful listening to the men speak of their personal journeys and am thankful that this program and its volunteers are there in the prisons. We need these programs in the schools and after school settings as well!

  • Jamie Chaney

    This video inspired me to "let my hair down" and just be myself, whatever that is in the moment. Watching the group play so freely in a place where that is not the norm was very powerful, and seeing the innocence on their faces touched my heart.


    thank God there cAn be another WAY THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THIS TO US.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you. TRUTH! When we hear each others stories, we see our humanness. AS a storyteller this is what I strive to share in building bridges between peoples and creating understanding. "Treat people with respect, trust evolves then barriers fall... I'm left with my humanity." "Revealing humanity behind the illusions, put all superficial things aside and you see what is real." YES! When we know each others stories, we see our humanness, excellent work, and thank you! Also showing the connections between each other; a Shift CAN take place. We are ALL interconnected; when we Know this we can LOVE rather than HATE.

  • Archana

    If I let go of my identity, I'm left with my humanity. Amazing!!

  • Nancy

    This video and participating in AVP gives me HOPE and and understanding the resiliency of the Human Being and LOVE.

  • Carolyn Keys

    This video really says it right. Just yesterday at our monthly prison AVP Facilitator support group the guys asked for AVP videos. I'll sure ask for permission to bring in this one. Well done!

  • Fred Feucht

    This is a program that is transfroming conflict in Rwanda, Iraq, Jordan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nigeria, South Africa and 40 more countries around the workd. It has also helped me to improve my family relationships.

  • Phyllis Lawrence

    As a community volunteer in the Alternatives to Violence Project-Maryland, I co-facilitate workshops with prisoner volunteers, We have all been through the same Basic, Advanced, and Training workshops. I learn so much from the prisoners, both workshop participants and my co-facilitators about their challenges, their shame, fear and often the so limiting upbringing many had. Seeing new folks' eyes and hearts open to the possibility of change and to new understanding and appreciation of each other is incredibly gratifying. As the same time, I get to develop my own skills in listening and facilitation. Great stuff! Please consider participating in an AVP workshop in a community or prison near you! You can go through the AVPUSA.org website or contact me and I'll try to put you in touch. If you're outside the US, go to avpinternational.org.

  • Ray

    A project that has transformed my life...

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  • Learn more about the Alternatives to Violence Project and how you can support their programs.
  • Vipassana meditation courses have also had a profound affect on prisoners, including halving recidivism and helping overcome addictions and alcoholism.
  • The next time you judge someone, think about how that person could be your mother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son.

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