"No one owns the universal." On this International Day of Peace and Global Day of Non-violence, the Interfaith Amigos - Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Imam Jamal Rahman - teach us, using humor and compassion, to bridge the gaps between understanding and the common points of all faiths. Though no laughing matter, these religious healers embrace inter-faith collaboration, and show it to be one of our great moral hopes.


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  • Irena Michals

    What a great idea that these three representatives of various religions united in a demonstration of the possibility of a religious union. It reminded me of John Lennon's Imagine ("Imagine all the people living lives in peace"). The three men spoke of oneness, unconditional love, and compassion -notions represented in all religions while they (religions) breed hatred towards other religious groups so often. It was a nice demonstration, but I could not help noticing that the pastor was at the center where Christianity usually places itself, and that they were all men.

  • irina

    the truth - only inter-faith collaboration.

  • Behnam

    The unity of mankind ,the unity of the religion,the universal peace.the oneness of God

  • Emil

    We are diverse so we can admire God. What a wonderful idea. What a blessing to see these great men.

  • Swami Joy

    Each of their passages say the same thing!! There is only ONE GOD! All religions see GOD differently but it is all the same Source that we come from.

  • Carolyn Bivens

    To solve the substantive issues in our world we must learn what these 3 gentlemen display; learning each other's stories and sharing each other's hearts.

  • Janet

    It is all one and I am all right the way I am.The words they sang.

  • Daxa

    I can truely relate with this video, being a hindu I attend self study with others every sunday. My inspirer's teaching is " Other is not other but he is my divine brother " he also teaches that Hinduism, Islam, christian, Judaism, sikhism all these are way of worshiping to reach one GOD.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Yes the Interconnectedness of ALL human beings; when we embrace and speak this Truth, we can create peace and compassion for ALL. This is what I strive to share in my Storytelling Performances and Presentations. And in FREE HUGS too. Thank you so much for sharing! :) <3

  • Pat

    What a wonderful & Truthful video. I sincerely believe that there are many paths to one God and we need this understanding to be shared so there can be more peace, joy, compassion and love in this world. So inspiring to see these three friends share commonalities and their respect for each other. In gratitude.

  • elisa mendonça

    For so many years working with that way to aproach people,it is the first time I really had a good laughing thank you! I would like to have more of those oportunities,please help me sending more in that matter .

  • Donny

    They just remind me that we're all in this world together. That we all can get along. I discovered my Spirituality when I gave up belief for thinking...thinking for myself. I found that Spirituality means onenness. And then I found the God we're all looking for is within me and within each and every one of us. And always has been.

  • Denis

    Nice video, but not nice to see Holy books in sitting place.

  • Margaret

    The group singing at the end made me burst into tears... what a truly hopeful sight! Thank you for this wonderful video.

  • Marten

    The words and meaning of: "Spirituality is Inclusive"

  • Johanna

    What inspired me about this video is the true togetherness of the friends. Above all, it is love that connects them. Even more than their words their comradship convinces me of the truth that they bring.

  • Trudi

    Thank you for finding the words and being the clear channels you are!

  • Brian

    Thanks again guys. Faith is Universal. AMEN! Let the love that knits our hearts together across the land and sea show us the way...keep these goin' guys...we need it..Peace...slow n easy :-)

  • judy

    i will be more impressed if one from iran and one from israel and one from amarica do this tallk. but was funny and nice to hear, guive a bit hope:-)

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    I know the Message very well, I've known it my whole life cause my mother taught us this way from the perch of her lap.

  • Sally Jo

    Thanks for honoring Seattle's own Interfaith Amigos on this auspicious day...may their message of peace, understanding and harmony be spread far and wide across the planet.

  • S C Vajpey

    It is sad that - deep in our hearts - we recognise the truth of this oneness of humankind, yet enact the ongoing human tragedy of internecine strife simply to satisfy our misguided egoistic impulses.

  • krushna chaitanya

    It IS the need of the hour.Now is the time to UNITE all faiths. The efforts of these THREE giant commeners is surely going to bring people together with ONLY BOND CALLED LOVE! All the very best wishes to them and i am sure The Supreme Power will guide them to the ERASE hostilities from the human race.

  • Abbie

    I live this interfaith so long and so intersting way to reach my highness.

  • Karen M.

    After the initial, comical & absolutely in spired, introduction of them all talking at the same time, - just gems of wisdom, but especially, the concept of: "heart to heart" as a way, to come to understanding " the other".

  • gulnaz

    beautiful. this is how it was meant to be.

  • navinsata

    swami vivekanand said if I am 100%hindu(eternal path}and you are 100% christian muslim ,jewish then there is NO diffrence in us.if you understand hindu upnishdas you will have good understanding of krishna christ moses, buddha,mohmad paygambar and all saints of all faith of all time.misinterpritation and folowing that creates what we experience as negative violent event.we can resolve this chalange to humanity by wisdom and prectical truth from geeta,bible,kuraan .always unconditional love navin sata

  • christy lee-engel

    I was so thrilled to see my friends, the Interfaith Amigos, in my weekly KarmaTube email this morning! Rabbi Ted, Sheik Jamal, and Pastor Don have been deeply inspiring, generous and courageous activist spiritual teachers in Seattle for decades. It is so wonderful to see their work together, developed on a platform of such committed friendship, reaching more and more people who can benefit from it.

  • Vicky

    This is the most powerful message I have heard since beginning my journey. Changing the world, one smiling face at a time. http://www.unlimited-smileage.org Healing the world is something we can all contribute to and these gentlemen are on that path..

  • Manisha

    What a lighthearted yet poignant dialogue about "interfaith"! I like the part about "completion, not conversion", and beautiful the poem by Rumi. Happy peace and non-violence day! :)

  • Lou

    As a Christian I admire the insight of these three gentlemen to recognize the reality that the One Universal God created all humankind out of Love and each of us must recognize and respect those of different cultures who live their lives by returning that Love to God and to one another and by doing so making this world a better place to live.

  • Pat

    A glimmer of hope and understanding!

  • Carolyn Dobis

    That faiths of all types can be as one, and there are persons of that faith to try and make it so. God bless each one of them.

  • Miki

    What is inspiring is that these religious leaders are making an attempt and apparently succeeding, in having mutual respect and appreciation for each others path. Dialogue with an open heart is the key.

  • Mia

    While watching/listening, I truly felt bathed in a light of compassion. Thank you for leading us to understanding through love and humor, using stories and song to find commonality and healing.

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