Patrick Henry Hughes was born without eyes and with a tightening of the joints that would prevent his limbs from ever straightening. But at nine months he took to the piano, by age two he was playing requests, and now -- as a straight A undergrad majoring in Spanish at the University of Louisville -- he and his father function as a single member of the Cardinals marching band. "He's my hero," says his dad, who works the graveyard shift at UPS in order to spend as much time with his son as possible. "Imagine the possibilities I didn't know that I now know from hearing him play."


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  • Shelby Gross in Connecticut

    After watching The Hughes family get their dream home gift from the A #1 team @ ABC's Extreme Makeover- Home Edition, I was moved to tears. Then, I was moved to action. I wanted to find out all I could about this incredibly gifted & humble young man. Patrick Henry Hughes' story is full of inspiration, hope and unconditional love. In my opinion, the Hughes are the true definition of family. Patrick Henry's choice to: triumph over tragedy, focus on abilities not disabilities and, with the unwaivering love and support of his family, has made the VERY BEST of his life. He is a shining example for ALL of us. When I start to sink into the Pity Pot, I will now remember Patrick Henry. I have no right to feel sorry for myself or make excuses why I CAN'T do something. If that young man can do it without eyes or legs, then damnit, WHAT'S STOPPING ME FROM FULFILLING MY DREAMS & LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST?? Thank you, Patrick Henry Hughes (and family). You're an inspiration and a motivation to the world!1 God Bless You & your Family, Ms. Shelby Gross from NL County, CT.

  • Michael mOrris

    Just simply amazing. I am so impressed and inspired. This certainly fuels my no complaing tank.Thumbs up to both of them...

  • bluebuddha

    This dad gets my vote for the father of the year. It's amazing how hard he works to be there (literally) for his son. Amazing story!

  • Shoshana

    Thank you so much for moving my heart with so much Love Patrick. You are a divine shinning Angel of Light. God Bless you. Eternal Love Shoshana

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