A film by Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill and Tim Skousen.

How often do we burden imagination - and the artistic product of imagination - with prosaic expectations appropriate only to the physical realities of the mundane world? What is the cost of these blinders? And what is the power of an unfettered creative process? These themes, and many others, are explored in this beautiful film, which tells the story of a poor, bent, Honduran villager who has been building a helicopter from pieces of refuse for the past fifty years. Will Agustin's helicopter take to the skies? Those who can see into the soul of the artist have no doubts - or perhaps they simply have a keener understanding of what it means to fly.


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  • Ankush jagadale

    Madness of a person inspired me to do anything in life .Nothing is impossible if we try.

  • Pat

    The man's determination and self belief is inspirational, perhaps we should all take a lesson from him. The children loved his dream, which hopefully will inspire them to be inventive individuals, determined to get out there, create something! anything! but most of all be happy with their own thoughts, {regardless of negative comments and intervention} and especially their dreams.

  • donna

    what a beautiful magnificent spirit - EVERYTHING IS ONLY INCREDIBLE (unbelievable) UNTIL WE OPEN OURSELVES UP TO BELIEVING AND KNOWING THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE (therefore believable) - that's when we can begin to see the magic of our lives and that we are the creators of our own reality through every breath and every step we take...there is no end to the ways in which we can fly...

  • Jadelyn

    Notice how the children believe in his dream and the adult children who were benefactors of his kindness. I hope someone with skills and parts will help him realize his dream. He is like ancient artists and scientists who were laughed at for their forsight that now their visions are everyday experience. Blessings!

  • ADC

    What a beautiful story, and reminder to be in awe of everything around us, and to never get in the way of people's hope. Thank you for telling this story. Even if his helecopter never takes flight, it has certainly caused my heart and imagination to do so.

  • Donald

    I too am inspired and moved by this story and as Marjo and others noted in the comments below, it is a story of 2 men. To have a dedicated purpose and value is key to life itself. I am also inspired by all the encouraging comments below. In Zambia there are a large number of Polio suffers, many are like Agustin dedicated to fulfilling their own dreams and not letting their life challenges spoil their Life. Everything is Possible if we have faith in our self.

  • Mary

    The patience to see his dream become a reality in the way he saw it. Wow, if we all could have a bit of the same patience to see our dreams, hopes and desires in a way that he did, I wonder what our world would be like. I bet we would be happier!

  • Merle

    I love the dream and his believing that one day his helicopter will fly. Even as a metaphor, it is inspiring and beautiful.

  • Jam

    I couldn't have said it any better Eileen

  • Eileen

    I was inspired by the sense that he held on to a dream, with patience and incredible courage, thereby inspiring the young people. The priest could learn a lot from Augustine too, mainly kindness and deeply spiritual faith in the beauty of life.

  • Jacqueline

    That his helicopter has spun a tale that has and will be shared with thousands, if not millions, and that is how are lives are intertwined here on planet earth. If we all just fulfill our own unique purpose than we touch, move, and inspire others to do the same and manifesting all that is good on our imagination

  • shelly

    yes. very moving story obviously not about a 'helicopter' but about the power of the human spirit to transcend very real limitations the key to life is perseverance and agustin's strong don quixote-like spirit is what's incredible. a lesson to us all. . thanx for this uplifting story---

  • Navys

    perseverancia, paciencia, deseo de completar un proyecto,

  • Maureen

    Incredible and inspiring. Thanks

  • Audrey

    I love how the kids believe in him... He's such a powerful reminder of the beauty in an untethered spirit.

  • syed

    he has spun and flown my spirit very high, he succeeded in his mission

  • suzanne toro

    All I can seem to think of is Leonardo da Vinci...I think Will is here to teach us something...BRAVO!

  • MA

    A touching short film..metaphorically speaking, the helicopter could be the process of life. It's about living and sacrifice and struggling to get through even the most unbelievable obstacles and still moving forward to accomplish amazing things.

  • Janardhan

    Happiness is the journey, not a destination!!

  • Estel

    a powerful film to remind us of our meaningful or meaningless life lived for self or others...life-changing and life-giving! Thank you so much for sharing this to us.

  • Mc. Quin.

    The dreamer's journey will be ever fruitful, and the warrior path always reaches destination, is the the soul which flies the highest, not the jets or planes that often crashes to the ground.

  • Otivedt

    Very inspiring. Such determination and focus of his creativity. It most certainly has given him life, to be able to work on his helicopter. The pastor's attitude disturbed me. A man of little insight or wisdom I guess. Thanks for sharing. This old man sees and understands the miracle in and of everything.

  • Violeta

    This is the power of patiente, creation, building... Having a plan, a long term plan. The helicopter is just a metaphore. It could be everything, a life project. It is the process, not the result, what brings meaning into your life. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

  • Tamilyn

    i was lucky enough to have a soul like this in my life, i have a father figure who had been inflicted by polio who has the same determination and humbleness ..this inspired me to remember to call him tomoro and tell him how much i miss him and how important he was in teaching me charcter patience and that everything is incrediable !!

  • Lillian

    Its so inspiring to see a man with a dream....spending his life working on getting there. It does not matter if his helicopter ever takes off the ground, it has already given him a purpose and taken him high above his situation. Beaufitul. After he passes away, his spirit will fly and its a good idea he has had so many years of preparation.

  • bilkis

    what an inspiring story, one should understan the wonderful spirit and the creativity in his mind

  • Natalie

    Clearly this video is not about a helicopter-- it could have been about a bicycle or a space shuttle. This is a video about the power of the human spirit, about a dream, about humility and persistence in the face of daunting obstacles, about faith, about hope. About the Agustin's who inhabit this world and, against all odds, find their passions and possibilities realized. Day by day, year by year, piece by piece. Thank you for your inspiring story.

  • Ozymandias

    What a video...brings up so many conflicting feelings : sadness, amazement, joy... No matter if the helicopter flies or not (i fear it won't) : it gave a goal to his life and inspired some people around him. It's men like this who change the world.

  • Jose

    What an inspiration augustin is the power of the human spirit shines brought this humble man. thank you for sharing your film. What a disappointment the priest was in the that he couldn't see the beauty, dedication and sweetness in augustin. I agree the helicopter should be exhibibited in the town as an inspiration.

  • Tyler Bastian

    Thank you all for the kind words on my film. Agustin is an amazing man and he has changed my life. Thank you for the support! http://igg.me/p/319117/x/29265

  • Dana Marie

    What a beautiful and inspiring spirit Agustin has. I am so incredibly moved by his courage, strength and determination. I would love to be able to watch him and see his helicopter fly.

  • Brian

    Thanks guys...you bless us with these videos...the journey is the reward...his helicopter project gave him life...something positive to do...much love to all the Agustins out there...keep your projects...thanks again...

  • Steve

    I believe that this man had incredible ideas and almost fulfilled them. I just wish he still had the time to finish this work. I got on this website:www.indiegogo.com/projects/319117 and any one can contribute to his campaign.

  • Mia

    The original fundraising campaign to help Mr. Agustin (pay for his helicopter, living expenses and to pay for a helicopter flight for him) was closed but another campaign is underway - information can be found here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/319117

  • Eliza

    Augustin has the spirit inside of his soul, that could bear more than his physical state. A truly beautiful person, with a dream and determination. The priest could stand to learn a lesson from him. As far as I'm concerned, his "helicopter" is in flight !

  • Matt

    Once Augustin is gone, his marvelous helicopter should be bronzed and placed in the center of town as a monument to the power of dreams and the human spirit and a testimony to imagination!!!!!

  • Jamila

    Wow fab

  • Kathy

    I loved this...it reminded me of a blog post I just wrote called, "Seeking Uncertainty—The Path To Miracles and Unlimited Possibilities." If we think we know how something will turn out (whether it will work or not work) we are limiting the potential of any dream...sometimes we need to dwell in the space of uncertainty--because that is the place that "Everything is incredible." Thank you for sharing this with us and reminding us that sometimes it's better to "not know." Miracles exist in that field of uncertainty. For anyone who is interested...my post is at: http://smartliving365.com/seeking-uncertainty-the-path-to-miracles-and-unlimited-possibilities/

  • Yael

    the journey is what matters; not the outcome. The heart; not outer success.

  • Bronson

    Moving and inspiring. "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings." -William Blake

  • Delia

    What a beautiful and inspiring soul Agustin is. The paradox of the churchman saying that he wondered at what cost were the years Agustin spent making the helicopter was interesting. I had to wonder at what cost did the church man give away his own Source beingness to a blind faith ... maybe never finding his own incredible inner church, that Agustin clearly did. Agustin is living his truth in all of the moments of his beautiful life, despite the physical handicaps and poverty.

  • Vicki

    It doesn't matter if the helicopter ever flies. The joy is in the building of it from recycled materials. Agustin had a dream and he has spent a lifetime developing it. He has a deep wisdom born of his struggle to survive and this has served him well. The priest was clueless about the spiritual message that Agustin's life is teaching all of us. Thanks Karma Tube for another insightful and very touching film.

  • Michael Baggs

    I think that that marvelous man has been flying from day 1!What a greay way to center myself. Thn anks.

  • Giselle

    How many of us have such commitment to our dreams? Bury him with his helicopter, Priestman. That helicopter IS the man.

  • colette

    Oh my, that priest has a lot to learn from Agustin and those who believe. The priest and the others who judge him think they are better than he. What they don't see is that Agustin and his life is a potent teacher. His amazing raw creative intelligence, humble strength courage and power, and mostly his unwavering belief in himself in spite of so much resistance. Beautiful.

  • Donna

    The deep endurance of belief in one's self, one's dream, one's ABILITIES thank you Agustin, you are a hero, the other fella has a lot to learn.. xxxxxxThanks Karma Tube.. DD

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    A moving lesson in Persistence, patience & possibilities. "The only problem is that everything is Incredible and people don't accept it." The English speaking man deeply saddened me being so disrespectful to Agustin's dream; how ironic that he is the one who disbelieves. Bravo to Agustin for continuing his DREAM and to Tyler, Travis and Tim for sharing it in film. Thank you again Karma Tube for Inspiring us.

  • marjo

    Beautiful. A story of two men, one who has found joy, the other, seemingly joyless. The secret to Joy is in paying attention.

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  • In this interview, filmmaker, Tyler Bastian, explains his chance encounter with Agustin and the reason he made this film.
  • Agustin’s project is transcendent, just as poetry is able to access an unseen reality.  See how mythologist Joseph Campbell might have explained the magic of Agustin’s helicopter. 
  • The next time you feel like laughing in ridicule at someone’s strange sense of the world, stop and ask yourself: might that laughable perspective be tapping-into understanding that is valuable in a different way?

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