At Community Glue Workshop repair clinics in Chicago, volunteer "fixers" help their neighbors to repair broken stuff -- electronics, clothing, household items... practically anything -- so that it can be reused, rather than being thrown away. Ally Brisbin and Carla Bruni started the periodic "fix-ups" based on the Repair Cafe movement in Amsterdam, to provide "honest environmentalism and community focus." Their project is the perfect marriage of DIY know-how and neighborly bonds.


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  • Read more about Community Glue Workshop and checkout the stories about them in the mainstream press.
  • Learn more about the ways in which the Repair Cafe movement aims to counteract rampant consumerism and foster the values of sustainability.
  • Say no to the culture of disposable stuff!  Take the time to fix (or have someone else fix) your serviceable things, rather than trashing them and acquiring new things.

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