At 16 years of age, Ingida Asfaw came to the United States from Ethiopia aboard a cargo ship. Today he is a world-renowned surgeon based in Detroit who has kept a promise he made to himself -- to give back to his homeland. In 1999, he created the international coalition of doctors, ENAHPA, to address Ethiopia's medical crisis and ensure that "the delivery of medicine is a human right each of us is entitled to." After having served thousands of patients personally since since 1983, Dr. Asfaw's humbly poses his greatest wish: "That we could all live together as brothers and sisters to better this world."


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  • Pancho

    Another rebel, another open heart to show heart unity in the Earth Comm-Unity... This is the Ahimsa Revolution! :-) Smiles and hugs in every heartbeat. Obamonos! Si se puede! :-) If you want to be a rebel, be kind. Human-kind, be both.

  • Guri

    What an incredible story! Thank You!

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  • Learn more about the work of Dr. Asfaw.

  •  Visit the Doctor’s Without Borders to read about other doctors making a difference, and to make a donation.

  • Open your heart to someone. This needn’t be a grand gesture. Sometimes a smile or a hello makes a meaningful impact.

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