2010 CNN Hero of the Year, Anuradha Koirala, started Maiti Nepal (roughly translated to "mother's home") to protect Nepali women and girls from crimes such as domestic violence, trafficking, prostitution, child labor, and other forms of exploitation and torture. Since 1993, Maiti Nepal has helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 12,000 women and girls, providing a safe place for them to recover and grow. The children call Koirala "elder sister," a moniker she accepts with pride. "You have to take each child as your daughter," Koirala urges, and asks you to join hands to create a society free of human trafficking.


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  • Vinod guglani

    Wonderful work she is doing to help the women who are in difficulty

  • Mina Joy

    Anuradha's Love in Action.

  • Marley Winningham

    I am working to increase awareness and engage professionals in assisting victims of human trafficking here in the United States. I love a good story about people around the world fighting the good fight. I'd love to visit the Nepal organization. Let me know if anyone can make it possible.

  • Mansukh

    Rather than bowing your head in prayer a thousand times...help, her to help humanity irrespective of cast creed or religion...AUM!

  • krishna

    Yes they are the living GOD we should respect them so please help her insteaded of putting money in temples church or mosque

  • Jeff Govender

    The powerful positive impact one person can have with commitment to a meaningful humanitarian vision!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    her courage inspires me. She sees these girls and women as human beings with potential. We should all be grateful to women like Anuradha for being the voice of so many. Thank you for sharing.

  • mariya

    Time to stop. So cleary shared. There are no easy solutions. Change has to come to the minds of those that think this is alright. It is not special just to India, it is a world problem, more wide spread than we even know. It is not just a problem of developing countries where money is scarce and girls are sold for economic reasons. Time to make it stop. Awareness. Another hero for her people. Half the Earth is being subjected to such horrors.

  • use2

    what an example

  • Harsha

    An example of true compassion and empowering women. My respect to you Didi Anuradha. Amission with vision.

  • sethi

    Thank you Anuradha for the noble work you are doing , You are a brave and courageous woman .

  • kathleen

    I'm inspired by this woman's tenaciousness and compassion. Now if we only had men who woulod teach young and old men alike that women are not to be used for the sexual pleasure they can give them.

  • Rehana Webster

    I wept when I watched this video. how sad that we have stooped to this...selling our children. how sad that poverty has forced us to do this. I wept also from the joy that I felt that this one woman has created a safe haven for these poor girls. How good it would be to set up similar havens in many more cities, countries where this happens and is accepted as the cultural norm. Thank you Anuradhaji for leading the way!

  • regina

    please caption your videos to be inclusive of our 258M deaf brothers and sisters, thank you~

  • Suren Kapadia

    A Drop in the ocean of Illegal trafficking. A drop nonetheless and every drop makes an ocean, this time of a very different ocean. The one that is clean, healing and healthy. BRAVO Anuradhaji. Suren

  • Brian

    Viva Anuradha! The world must listen to her, and stop the bickering....thanks Enlights for sharing this....Happy Women's Day!

  • Akruti

    You are real hero lady.. We some need more like you..

  • Cheryl Gibbons

    A woman who walks her talk. What a difference she makes to so many. Endless blessings to her. She is a reminder to each of us women that we, too, must be the change that we want to see happen.

  • Richard Gadogbe

    Her humility and commitment to the cause

  • kp ranga

    very great work

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  • Learn more about the work of Maiti Nepal, including the dangerous work of inspecting vehicles at the Nepal-India border to intercept trafficked girls.
  • Every country in the world is affected by human trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination. Find out more about this heinous crime and violation of human rights.
  • March 8 is International Women's Day. Celebrate an inspirational woman in your life.

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