Noah and the Whale's song "Give a Little Love" is used as the background track for this moving video beautifully illustrating the ripples that acts of kindness can generate. When every person loves their neighbor as they love themselves, can you imagine the love that will be unleashed? Watch, be inspired, and then, share the love!


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  • Judith

    Very moving ~ thank you :) xxx

  • Karen

    It only takes a second to show someone kindness and to see the joy on their faces is priceless.

  • Marsha

    I believe in random acts of kindness throughout each day. This reminds me of the importance to continue with the flow of kindness as others, young & older need a gentle reminder & inspiration through loving expressions to all humanity.

  • Mindy

    Beautiful song and video. Interesting how just witnessing a kind act promoted a kindness. Ripples of kindness expand our world <3. Thank you.

  • Ted Jec

    Energies do not die - they can be changed -

  • Paulina Grace

    Each one teach one. It goes without saying.....

  • Arjun

    little love that's all you need...

  • Subhasri

    This is so lovely... its so simple to give a little love but, no one simply understands the simple meaning....

  • ady

    i loved that it made me cry 'happy tears' i felt very inspired

  • Margaret Lacy

    The realization that others are inspired by how we conduct our lives. Our actions are our message.

  • bilkis

    what a wonderful video, i shared it with my grand daughter and explained to her how we can spread a lot of love around and that it does not cost much to do it

  • Susan

    A never ending wave of love from one to another to another to another. I felt it in my body and heart. thank you.

  • Sarah

    The video did a great job emphasizing the opportunities are all around us, are not driven by money or extraordinary gifts of time, but realized by being present and just helping right now.

  • bevj

    "If you are not a part of the solution , you are part of the problem." Your choice

  • Sethi

    Love for the other being . Beautiful and thank you .

  • maya

    So simple to do, so big for the world....

  • nancy

    Love is always the answer

  • Jessie

    Lead by example (the example being compassion without second guessing your impulses, trust and as much unconditional love as possible.) It's never been not worth the effort :)

  • LaQuita

    What you see is what you become.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys, yup, someone is always witnessing what happens. It's build or destroy every moment. We do our best n let God do tha rest...Same goes for our thoughts...keep the healing goin'...peace....

  • connie farrell

    This video brought back memories of my mother's advice and suggestion: "Be nice!" This video takes one to the next level; love always seeing good and a God given opportunity to love and feel good about yourself and others. All responses in the video are positive! Positive opportunities are always there; one just has to be ready at any given moment. It's just a good, positive way to live.

  • JeanPaul

    it touch my heart and this is how I believe life should be it only takes a second to do something and a life time affect. <3 Ps. I still have a tear in my eye! <3

  • Barbara

    Brings tears to my eyes! We had a similar experience after a drive-by shooting when somewhat "well-meaners" put graffiti on the wall by the memorial that offended the bereaved wife of the man killed. My husband and I got paint and brushes and proceeded to cover them over. One by one, the neighbors joined us. As we worked together, we all sang Amazing Grace and everyone smiled. The wife was very thankful.

  • Diana

    beautiful reminder...thank you

  • Ute Arnold

    Watching the rippling of kindness is creating a wave throughout my body, physically, as well as emotionally...and the longer I watch it the deeper it sinks, urging me to think of something, opening my eyes to an opportunity of my own, and I wonder how I will be able to make a difference today,...right now I am already spreading the love inside me and feel stronger that I may even be able to effect someone else with it

  • salvador pozos

    inspiracion para ser la mejor version de mi ,mismo

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