Have you ever considered the amount of waste generated by even a small party using disposable plates and utensils? 14 year-old Tomas Lang has. He discusses the simple solution he implemented at his school to make community meals and special events more ecologically sustainable -- a strategy you can use for your Earth Day party on 22 April.


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  • hayder noori

    good idea but it applied for more years ago

  • kawther

    It's very good and new ideas , I like to knew more about this program

  • Saba


  • Raj Raghunathan

    Tomas, I am going to show this video to my 8 yr old son to inspire him. Thanks for being such a great inspiration at such a young age!

  • Ursula

    Thomas: A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

  • Tomas Lang

    Thanks for all the positive feedback, guys! These plates have just been used in their second large event, a school district-wide sustainability conference, which was a big success (served 200 students lunch, and had over 500 attend workshops). There was an enormous amount of compost collected, and only half a garbage bag of garbage! I am now working on moving to other high schools, as well as getting a dishwasher in my school. Contact me at greeneventsprogram@gmail.com if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions! :)

  • Cathy Thorsen

    For one thing, I LOVE to see young people being the change we wish to see in the world. Well, I love to see anyone being the change, it's just extra inspiring to me to see this kind of soulful action in young people. I also think it would be cool if restaurants offered discounts to take-out customers for bringing their own reusable containers.

  • Candace

    This really warns my heart. Great to see such forward thinking young people stepping up and taking action. Applause to Thomas and his fellow students!

  • gayathri

    namaste to you Tomas Lang....best wishes and prayers for your actions!!

  • Tanja

    Go Tomas! You've inspired me not to be slack on this, it's so easy to go with the flow when folks suggest going with disposable stuff because it's 'easier'. And it's just one tiny detail but that's the point, right, taking care of each aspect of sustainability. I'm inspired that Tomas cares enough to make a stand, and to spread the word about it too.

  • Corky

    I am so inspired by a young man like this implementing his concern for our environment. My hope is that he is the type of person that will be running our country in the future!! How encouraging this is!!!

  • Michelle

    Thomas you remind me that our future is not all lost! Things can be tuned around one step at a time and you have started it. Shame on us for letting "modern, throw away items" take over long term logic and common sense. Each of us must make a difference and it can start with never using styrofoam for example. I know I will not. Many years ago in New Zealand I learned that they did not use paper napkins every night at the dinner table. They would use a kitchen towel after getting up to wash their hands. Thanks for caring!!!

  • kat

    bless you tomas~you are being the change!

  • Cindy

    Kudos to you, Tomas! This is so wonderful ... how many times have I thought the same thing at parties and events where so much goes into the landfill -- but I didn't DO anything. You did. You're a hero.

  • Neeti

    That's a good idea, will carry reusable cup and cutlery in my backpack. Good way to say "NO" even for single use plastic.

  • Brian

    Good for the kids...Teach on :-) Sustainability can be fun! It's fullfilling when a team works together! Thanks for sharing some hope you guys!

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  • Get the details of Tomas’s Green Events Program by checking-out his submission to the Ashoka Changemakers Youth Venture Labs. (Be sure to click on the “Read More” buttons.)
  • Learn more about the environmental impact of single-use plastics – and a program like Tomas’s designed to bring greater sustainability to the mealtime rituals of downtown office workers in San Francisco.
  • Carry a reusable cup and cutlery in your backpack, purse, briefcase, or tote so you will always have the option of saying no to single-use plastics for meals away from home.

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