A film by El Cangrejo.

“Zero. We always end at zero,” muses Haritz, goalkeeper of the very special football team profiled in this delightful video.“ We haven’t scored a goal yet, but we’ve almost scored them,” reports Ruth with a wistful hopefulness. The other teams do substantially better. Always. But the lopsided scoreboard tallies have hardly dimmed their passion for the game. “We don’t even care if we don’t score because we have fun,” says Pol. “We’ll score when we grow old.” For now, they have better things to do. Like play.


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  • Lois

    HOORAY for "The Little Team"! They are huge in what really matters, heart and soul:)

  • Billy

    A friend showed it to me. Being from a different country, I can say that this is the way people pay in the world, except in the USA. The idea of playing to have fun is enough. Winning and only winning is what real losers do all the time. They don't know how to have fun.

  • sarah

    Do not worry guys,you can do it!never give up!!!!!!!

  • MadDog

    This is a 'perfect-video-moment' really. Kids laugh, they play the game for the simply reason 'to play'. Great reminder for us 'older-kids'who very often forget how to play for the sake of play. Somewhere along our journey the 'older kid in us' has forgotten just that....really. Here's to laughter and being full-of-play. Cheers-MadDog

  • Cynthia Herbert

    I wish all children could feel the same--not just about sports, but about reading and other skills. instead of feeling bad about where they are, they can have fun, love learning and look forward to the future with confidence.

  • Herb Voigt

    Watching this soccer game played b y kids brought back good memories from my own child hood time jn Germany. We had fun and made use of every free minute to do fun things.We entertained our self and became better because of that. Enjoy watching many of your short vidios Thanks

  • Lucy

    "We'll score when we get old" What a great message coming from such a little guy. Love it!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Enjoying the sport, respecting each other & having fun. Imagine that? :) This is how it was when I was a child; we played for the love of it and for each other. It was FUN. So Happy to see this coach & these parents Get It, it's about team work, respect, and JOY. Thank you for sharing. Winning is NOT everything; Playing, That is Everything. Let's have fun!

  • jodi

    The beauty from the children and the people on the sideline. Their joy of life. It wasn't about winning, they were having fun. They were just enjoying working towards their goal of making just one goal. May we all remember to have fun as we strive to do our best!

  • tanja

    the absolutely unwavering conviction on the part of coach, spectator dads and most of all players that having fun and making small improvements is totally fine and more than good enough inspired me and brought a tear to my eye. oh, and converted me to the power of sports education (if done this way!).

  • kp

    living is in the doing ... play is play ... the goal is an idea that makes the play more meaningful in the imagination ... And the parents were wonderfully supportive

  • suneel

    What inspired you about this video?good

  • raju


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