This music video by Nickelback lauds several examples of individuals who have stood up to injustice, and won. The examples range from Bob Geldof's Live Aid concerts in 1984 to Nelson Mandela's triumphant release from prison in 1989 and election as South Africa's first democratically elected president.


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  • Suzi Nance

    As globalization begins to blur our borders our international bonds are being forged more by interdependence and convenience than by true humanitarian goals. The unfortunate result is often seen in in our reluctance to engage in areas of the world where the need may be great, yet we perceive no economic value. What we must come to understand is that the greatest value is not purely economic it is in protecting all mankind. In our quest for global peace and the end of grave injustices it is easy to engage in rhetoric criticizing those in power yet taking no personal responsibility for the state of affairs in the world today. One could easily debate that since they wielded little power over those “in charge” they were in fact powerless to affect any change. This is not true, each of us possesses not only the power to affect peaceful changes but are completely responsible to do so. We are it…we are one…we are the them.. we are the government.. we are the world and we are one...collectively and individually responsible for the world. So today, open your heart, use your head. Nickelback, you guys so get it, thanks for this great song to remind us( I've linked t to my blog). Suzi

  • sara earthdove-tinker

    Yes, yes, yes.... We are All Related- all living things and we all deserve respect and caring. You music is part of the future healing of us all!Sing on brothers! Mikatuye Oyasin! (We are all related), Red Horse Dreaming

  • YogaMama

    I LOVE this song! It's my main ringtone on my phone. It says it all...if everyone cared...just IF!

  • Jeannette

    This video, this site, these people, THIS is the kind of inspiration that changes the world!! Keep it up, and Namaste to all of you!

  • Debra

    My dream is to make it illegal for banks to forclose on families and take their homes, leaving them homeless. This is shameful and unkind. Habitat for Humanity and Extreme Home Makeover are great examples of what we can do as a caring society. Make it a law to provide homes for all and no city or town can get any federal aid until there are no foreclosures or homeless amoung us....nice huh?!?!? Let's be the change! My second dream is that ALL people have free healthcare. Doctors are greedy for the most part. They are a large enough group to be able to stop the healthcare crisis and put their heads together to solve this problem with insurance and politicians.

  • nkem

    hi guys how do u do. i just to be part of u.

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  • Starting very small, ask yourself: in a world where "everyone cared," what dream might I begin today?

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