Bullied children survive, says poet Shane Koyczan; but not because, unlike sticks and stones, "names will never hurt me." The torment wounds profoundly and the damage can be lifelong. "We stem from a root planted in the beilief that we are not what we are called... Our lives are a balancing act that has less to do with pain and more to do with beauty." With this recital of his celebrated poem, "To This Day", Shane gives the backstory of his own harrowing childhood experience and speaks against a spectacular backdrop of crowsourced animation depicting the all-too-frequent cruelty of the schoolyard.


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  • Lily

    Hey Shane! Here's my poetic comment: You are a bright light in a societal nightmare, leaving behind that place where darkness masquerades as light, that place where being with the in crowd, giving up your identity for a jagged smile - is heralded - but no, you reign free, rein in the downward spiral of revenge, and with your bloody scars of courage, you reach up, up for beauty! Bravo and thank you - for myself and for all the children - from the bottom of my heart!

  • barbara webb

    This video needs to be shown at local, statewide and worldwide levels. This issue is at pandemic proportions. I am a mental health professional. I often see the backlash of bullied students. People need to understand the humiliation and rejection the bullied Student, young adult and aults experience. Bravo for your courage Shane!!

  • Erin

    I've seen this before, and it deserves to be seen over and over. This should be mandatory viewing in public schools. I've applauded Shane Koyczan on Facebook, and will continue to thank him in every forum I see this in. So glad that he had the courage to say out loud what so many of us felt in middle and high school (and in adulthood, even though it was supposed to end after graduation). This is amazingly honest, thanks Mr. Koyczan. (I picture him saying, "I'm Shane, Mr. Koyczan is my father LOL).

  • maryanika

    Yes become the thing that you dream to be.

  • Bobbe

    That Shane searched for the truth until he found it, deep inside himself, and that he shares this gift of God with all who care, especially those who need it the most.

  • gunasagaran

    Speak softly and sweetly if you want to talk' Love all Serve all, Help ever Hurt never.

  • Lois

    Shane you are a truly beautiful soul, thank-you for finding yourself and sharing your gift. This is a very powerful, inspirational poem, Thank-You

  • Vicky

    I've seen this before and love it every time. Shane is absolutely amazing. There is so much truth in his work and his words.

  • Louisa

    Thank you, open honest man, for sharing your bravery and truth.

  • Victor Martin Hunt

    "I am who I am" personified ! The new kid on the block of humanity - Shane Koyczan !

  • afterallthat

    As one who was bullied since early childhood, this helped me release the hurt. I'm 70.

  • Marsha Nelson,Ph.D.

    It is happening every day, every where. When will the bullying stop? Who, hurt is brave enough to see past the pain to empower themselves? I have been using & teaching the Creative Journal Expressive Arts methods over the years. I DO see transformation in a very short period. When a person discovers their Protective Parent within who is capable and willing to protect their Inner Child,the light comes on and lives are turned around. Thanks to Lucia Capacchione,Ph.D. and her many books and certification program, happy to say there is help and transformation.

  • Ron bard

    I am Ron Bard this man is brilliant I am a professional psychic you can google me. I am the the only psychic profiled in Forbes magazine. My friend Marty Kove who was bad karate instructor in first and second karate instructor sweep the leg he's been in over 100 films and tv series he works on shows about bullying because of that film. I have been going to Japan for 25 years you'll learn I predicted 911 earth quake in Japan before it happened etc etc.... I relate and feel so compelled to reach out to meet Shane. I'm about to launch on 50 million cell phones in Asia it's important that he meaning Shane and martytalk and make his video and distribute in Japan it's much needed ..if there is anyway I can meet him via telephone I'd like to help the kids in Japan they need him I can arrange book deals etc etc.....it's important mission. And would be lucrative for him....my contact is 914 582 0927 or psychiceye@aol.com.....please pass this along in addition there are many other I see that I've seen on this site that can help this country that needs these videos...please I ask in the name of god to return to me so we can help masses in Asia and would be lucrative for all the causes.id be proud to move forward Please get in touch with me. ASAP...Ron Bard.Www.ronbard.com but I gave my private email

  • Caitlin

    Shane reminded me of my own inspirational walk through darkness for most of my childhood and young adult life. Thank you. Very timely for me. At 47 years old and battered by the past years trials and tribulations, I had lost sight of the truth of who I am; my own hero yet, not without the inspiration from others, like Shane who have the courage to stand up, out and loud and proud! Bravo Shane. Simply, Bravo

  • manuel lorenzo

    .....Great video and poem by the author....the animated graphics depicting the experience of truth....about Child Abuse...is equally great....

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