From Napoli to London and beyond, local cafes are providing their customers with a simple way to pay-it-forward. It's called "suspended coffee." When you purchase coffee for yourself, you can buy a second cup, which goes on account to be claimed by whoever might want one. It not only allows cafe patrons to express their generosity, but also builds a sense of inclusiveness and community by creating a shared experience between those who can afford the luxury of a good cup of Joe and those who cannot.


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  • Krishan

    I love this video so much. I am going to see if my local coffee shop will be open

  • Dawn

    I just love the idea. Will try and find a CapeTown coffee shop who istaking part. I love coffee so a little bit of giving alongside drinking would really make my day!

  • Adilson

    What if we can also do that with compassion?

  • bilkis.yusuf

    what a wonderful way to share and care for others, very inspiring!

  • Fely

    I was really touch with this strategy on suspended coffee as a beautiful way of extending help to those in need. I am thinking on how I can replicate this in our office in which we put up honesty store selling these stuff such as coffee, milk, biscuits for us to buy in times we feel hungry. So I am thinking incorporating this idea of suspended coffee so that customers we can also extend help to our customers who are coming from far places just to transact business. Thanks for the very nice and inspiring idea.

  • Michelle Robinson

    Love in action. Doing for someone else what we enjoy ourselves. One light at a time ignites kindness in others.

  • Anne-Marie

    what else can we "suspend"? ;)this is great! love the words "trusting the community" that was mentioned in the clip.

  • Lawal Lukman

    One Love Keeps Us Together...There is love in sharing, great love indeed. Good ideology.

  • Lani Starr

    A positive way to be the change on the planet, by adding a little kindness and care that goes a long way.

  • Selma

    Changing the world, a cup of coffee at the time! I hope this is very contageous!

  • Andrea

    This is the way to change the world into what we dream of!

  • Ellie

    I love this idea too! The only way I would improve it is if the shops sold the suspended coffee at cost rather than at full profit. We are all in this together after all.

  • Brian

    Thanks guys...what a great thing...yup...a bit of joy in a drink of tea or coffee for everyone...take care of those moments...slow n easy steady...don't let the negative or cynical churn into confusion...keep teaching peace...1love...

  • veroniek

    lovely idea .... more shops should do this

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