A film by Aba Atlas.

When a young man returns home after a two and a half year unexplained absence, his mother's instinctive response to seeing him at the door blows him away. Reflecting on her years of hard work and sacrifice for the well-being of her children, he decides it's time to return the favor. On his birthday he sits her down for a special and heart-warming surprise...


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  • Richard

    The gesture is so unspeakable. I do have some reserves on the video presentation, Please take note that there were two envelopes presented to the mother. at one point after she opened the first one, and while hugging the don, the other envelope disappeared from the table and then reappears curious? shenk it out

  • Barb

    I was inspired by the young man's mother-an immigrant who worked so hard to provide for her family and who loved her family no matter what-she is my hero! The young man obviously understands what is important in life. She taught him well but he listened and tried to carry on her example through his actions. Our world needs more people like this family-God's blessings to you all!

  • Patricia

    Mothers hearts remember the baby in their arms and the sweet connection of unconditional love. The heart of a child is forever inspired by that place in mother's heart.

  • Gwen

    The lovely acceptance, openness and care between the mother and son - just beautiful ! Thanks for sharing

  • Kathi Crowe

    Look for the good and accept it. Stop analyzing.

  • Karin Clark

    Incredibly and impeccably beautiful. Stirring. Moving. Stunning. Gorgeous. Delicious.

  • L

    I agree with Keith. Too many unanswered questions to be inspirational. I kept thinking, "Where does a young man that age get enough money to pay off a mortgage?" Perhaps it's a cultural difference, but I couldn't relate to the mother just asking what he wanted for dinner after not seeing him for two years. Too stoic to touch me as unconditional love. I was a single mother who worked 70-80 hours a week to pay the mortgage and keep the roof over the heads of my two sons so I do understand the dynamic. My sons would never have taken off for two years without letting me know where they were going. We were too connected. And they both left fairly early for other states with more opportunity so it's not that our connection held them back. I'd have forgiven them anything, but I sure would have shown more emotion when they finally came back than asking what they wanted for dinner. (Even though feeding them is one of the first things I'd have done after they returned.) And if they'd handed me a check to pay off the mortgage, I'd have asked them where they got the money and was it legal. I'd still have loved them unconditionally, but I'd not have enabled possible illegal activity. Again, perhaps it's a cultural difference, but this video feels contrived to me. The mother seemed to know her place too much, not as an equal but as a grateful subservient.

  • Keith

    For me, the video leaves questions unanswered: Why was the son gone for multiple years with no contact with his mother? I can understand absence but not lack of contact. How did he raise the money to help her pay off the mortgage? Why did he decide to return home? There might be simple explanations but they need to be stated to tell a believable story. Avoiding such basic issues made the video less compelling and less inspirational for me.

  • g

    unconditional love = both ways. bless you both.

  • Jo Ann

    A mother's love is unconditional! How amazing what he did for his mother! God Bless him and his mother! AWESOME

  • Carol

    Unconditional love. Wow.

  • Linda

    What a wonderful tribute - words cannot describe the amount of respect I have for you. May God continually Bless you throughout your life. Thank you, thank you, thank you or, thank you x 9000 for your gift to your mother.

  • Nancy Smeltzer

    You are a wonderful man. You hear of so many young people who only think of themselves, and how inspiring to know that you realize all of the sacrifices that your mother made for you.

  • June Simpson

    My tears flowed. I recently heard someone say that he appreciated his mum for her sacrifices that she made for his needs and wants. I Luved how the mum never told him off where was he etc jus made him a meal. . It's his birthday and he gives her such a beautiful gesture gift. Pay mortgage...for house she sacrificed for them to live in any time .. My son provided me with a car. Takes me to dinners.his fiancée cooks meals for me. He mows my lawns. She dyes my hair and both of them were the means for my 7th ship cruise..for Mother's Day. I feel so loved treasured spoiled like a princess...I know I am loved...thanks for this story and my son Alan Trevor Simpson..and bonhee

  • Vicky

    This is beautiful..thanks so much for sharing...you are a wonderful man!!!

  • Pamela

    ... my son, a recent college graduate, letting me know he's looking forward to the day when he can send me money."

  • Annette

    My eyes watered up seeing this. Very moving. So sweet. My son is very appreciative of the things I do for him as if my daughter. I have great kids. I not only love them so much, but I like them as individuals. They're good people!

  • steve zimmett

    I find this to be a very inspiring video and congratulate the man who gave his mother a wonderful gift

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. A light to the world...peace on Earth....

  • Jean

    First, I think about what an incredible mom she is to have raised a son like this. Second, what a fine human being he is. He makes a difference in the world, everywhere he goes.

  • Tammy

    Wow...that was...wow! A special young man!

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