The dabbawalas of Mumbai are rightly famous for the efficiency of their lunchbox delivery service - they deliver over 200,000 meals a day. That's more than 120 tons of prepared food. What happens to the portion of that food that goes uneaten? This film shows how ingenuity and compassion never stop in a city where, while many eat, many others go hungry.


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  • Mansukh

    The helper considers it a privilege to help the less fortunate. Will these spiritual gestures touch the hearts of the Indian millionaires with 300 room houses yet no heart to fill them? Is it not time to give back to society who painstakingly put you where you are today? Jai Hind!!!

  • Sudha

    Wow! what an innovative way to help the society.....

  • D M Alva

    "Great job and I salute these dabbawalas"

  • v.s.sugumar

    I praise the touching gesture by the hard working Dabbawalas of Mumbai, where it is said people have little time to do their chores. I wish the millionaires of India would emulate this example generously.

  • Gyan Aggarwal

    Small act but big impact

  • thasra agro consumers sanstha

    oh... what a great system developed by common man of india.......

  • SUshma

    It's awesome

  • kundan verma

    its really waorked............?

  • bhushan

    Its a wonderful effort to feedd hungry childern who cannot afford a meal.

  • Ravi

    A simple yet poignant and far reaching.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Amen...let the world have a round of compassion...L.O.V.E....simple and timeless...peace

  • Elizabeth_1956

    So simple, so beautiful and so easy. If we all only did one simple, easy thing each day to help another, what ripples it would have across our world.

  • ramettan

    A great endeavor by the good samaritans

  • Mindy

    Wonderful way or share food that would otherwise go to waste. Congratulations and continued blessings to those that are making the change <3.

  • Ayyub

    Wonderful things are happening around us that show someone working behind! Fake Gurus are exposed, AAP in Capital, Corruptions are leaking, Poor are feeding, Himalayas self cleaned, Internal quest gaining momentum........! Now let us attend a serious problem. The waste...millions of tons of municipal waste accumulating daily basis which is the biggest threat today and question our future, let us save the cities from waste and villages from dumping it by REDUCING, RECYCLING & REUSING it as beautiful ORGANIC FERTILIZER - what is the result! amazing! No more importing of KILLER CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS AND PESTICIDES - REDUCE the CURRENT ACCOUNT DEFICIT BY SAVING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AS FOREX PAYMENTS. India could be an EXPORTER of ORGANIC FERTILIZERS in 15 years! No Waste and KILLER CHEMICALS - MOTHER EARTH WILL SURELY SMILE!! THIS WILL ELIMINATE MOST OF THE KILLER CANCERS OUT OF THIS KILLER CHEMICALS which POLLUTE the air, CONTAMINATE the water, CONSUMED with end (food) products and KILL the soil fertility! Dream for tomorrow NO TODAY!! MULTI-Billion Chemical fertilizers and Waste management are political and under **hands! WHO CAN OVERCOME THOSE NEXUS IS A BIG Q!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Sharing is Caring. A simple ad good idea. What would be EVEN better is to change the system that has created such vast homelessness of children in India. Little by little, one step at a time. This is definitely in the right direction. HUG and thank you for sharing!

  • Nitin Shah

    Pay forward theory. one should forward and share to the needy what god has given you.

  • gayathri S

    the great beauty in simplicity....fantabulous!

  • shanti

    So simple and quick and direct.

  • tanja

    I loved how this works in a city that seems so complex logistically. And how volunteers are still part of the system. I also think about the ready made sandwiches that (as far as I know) largely go to waste here in London at close of business every day...

  • exerji

    Very good, indeed. a) This feeds (some) needy b) Prevents food from going waste I would love to see the day when 'Share' is seen as the default with stickers to say 'Not Share' (as in Organ Transplant 'Opt Out' clause in UK). I bet there is a significant % who don't label Share sticker due to laziness or momentary insensitivity than as a conscious decision of not wanting to share. If this can be done, I bet only a minuscule % will stick 'Not Share' sticker due to any orthodox or personal reasons and thus more food will reach the needy.

  • Machani Omkar

    Great Idea to change Hungry stomach to Full Stomach...

  • rosie bachand

    how easy it could be

  • Chandrakanth Malayathi

    Great Idea, i'm touched with this. No words to say more than what Dabbawala's work is resulting. Hat's Off to All Mumbai Dabbawala's.

  • mukesh

    importance of food to me and other's.................

  • Lakshmi

    Good Idea. Touched my heart.

  • Harikrishna Yanamandram

    Compassion and simple thought of sharing

  • Pandiarajan


  • Zac

    Always goof to see smart ideas at work

  • Roz Reich

    In its simplicity, a grand answer is found for the starving children in the streets of India.

  • Sis Asha

    Touched my heart ! sometimes we forget the great things Indians do for India and its citizens.I am proud of India.

  • lois

    Simplicity is usually the best answer! Way to go!

  • sant

    one of the best and simplest of ideas.wasted food is out of control.obesity is out of hunger is out of control.we no longer feel another mans pain

  • Sandra

    WHat a great, simple idea! Truly...i was touched!

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